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Key Applications

Nylon, Aluminum, PET, Metalized Polyester, PE, BOPP, CPP, Metalized Films, PVdC, Acrylic Coated Films

Product Description

MOR-FREE™ laminating adhesives are solventless, two-component polyurethane adhesives that do not contain hazardous solvents or carriers. They are preferred by packaging and laminate converters for their excellent bond strength and safety and sustainability advantages. MOR-FREE™ laminating adhesives are characterized by short cure times, strong bonds, and high performance with a variety of substrates used in food and medical packaging applications and industrial laminations. Like other Dow solventless laminating adhesives, MOR-FREE™ consists of an isocyanate coreactant and polyol resin that react to form laminates with films, foils, and other materials. MOR-FREE™ solventless adhesives create strong bonds with PET, PP, PE, metallized films, foils, coextruded films, and other materials used in food packaging applications. These adhesives feature short room-temperature cure times, allowing quick postprocessing after lamination. Depending on the specific application for flexible packaging, there is often a MOR-FREE™ adhesive option that provides the required regulatory compliance and chemical and heat resistance. In food packaging applications, MOR-FREE™ solventless adhesives are ideal for constructing packaging for snack foods, frozen foods, hot fill pouches, boil-in-bag, and ovenable pouches. These adhesives may also provide the chemical resistance needed to construct flexible packaging or laminates used to contain medical wipes, detergents, and other liquid products containing solvents or chemicals.

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