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METHOCEL™ F4M PRG is optimized for paint strippers and removers and has similar properties than F4M.


Product Overview

METHOCEL™ F4M PRG has a unique combination of water and organic solubility, specially developed for the use in paint strippers and removers. It is an excellent thickener with shear thinning characteristics that improves contact time on vertical surfaces.


Optimized for paint strippers and removers
Related Applications: Paint Thinner

Features & Benefits

Soluble in various solvent systems
Provides thickening
Improves contact time on the surface

Product Specifications

Functions: Rheology Modifiers; Thickeners

Related Products

METHOCEL™ Water-Soluble Cellulose Ethers

METHOCEL™ cellulose ethers are water-soluble polymers derived from cellulose. They are used as thickeners, binders, film-formers and water-retention agents for a broad range of products.  They also function as suspension aids, protective colloids and emulsifiers.

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