NEOLONE™ 950 is a sustainable, broad spectrum bactericide for the preservation of rinse-off hair care and skin care products.
Product Overview
INCI Methylsiothiazolinone

NEOLONE™ 950 is designed to protect against microbial contamination, ensure product performance, and offers solutions for rinse-off applications.
Product Specifications
Form: Clear liquid
Color: APHA <100
pH: 3 - 6
Solubility: Totally miscible in water, lower alcohols and glycols; low solubility in hydrocarbons
Recommended dose: 0.05% to 0.1% (as supplied)
Synonyms: MIT, methylisothiazolone
Primary Chemistry: Methylsiothiazolinone
Features & Benefits
Single-active preservative based on methylisothiazolinone chemistry
Simple, water-based formulation for ease of use
Easy to dose
Highly water soluble
Effective broad-spectrum bactericide
Excellent stability over a wide pH and temperature range
Compatible with a variety of fungicides, bactericides, and boosters
Effective at low use levels
Rapidly degrades, does not bioaccumulate, and is not persistent in the environment
Does not release formaldehyde
Vegan suitable
Paraben free
Halogen free
Does not release formaldehyde
Rinse-off skin care and rinse-off hair care
Body wash
Shower gels
Face wash
Liquid hand soap
Cosmetic ingredients such as surfactants, rheology modifiers, silicone emulsions, opacifiers, and more