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SPLENDA® Micronized Powder

SPLENDA® Sucralose Micronized powder is a sweet, white to off-white, practically odorless, crystalline powder. Micronized particle size is 90th Percentile < 12um.




Product Overview

No calorie sweetener, on average 600 times sweeter than sugar. SPLENDA Sucralose is made from sugar, so it closely matches the taste profile of table sugar. Sucralose is produced by replacing three hydrogen-oxygen groups on the sugar molecule with chlorine atoms which results in an exceptionally stable which has sugar like taste. Additionally, the body does not recognize sucralose as a carbohydrate, so it renders sucralose as non-caloric.

Product Specifications

Appearance: Powder 
Color: White
Odor: None
Allergens: None
Meets FCC and JECFA Specifications

Features & Benefits

Manufactured in the United States
Retains sweetness in high temperature manufacturing
Water soluble
Maintains tooth mineralization


Breakfast cereals
Canned fruit, jams, jellies, pie fillings
Chilled and frozen desserts
Condiments, relishes, dressings
Gelatin desserts, puddings
Gum, breath mints candies, cough drops
Ready to eat/frozen baked goods
Sauces, toppings
Soft drinks, flavored milk, nutritional beverages
Yogurt, ice cream

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SPLENDA® Sucralose

SPLENDA® sucralose is a high-intensity, zero-calorie sweetener that is 600 times as sweet as sugar.

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