Citroflex® Citric Acid Esters
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Citroflex® Citric Acid Esters

Key Applications

acrylic; methacrylic; ethylcellulose; hydroxymethyl cellulose; nitrocellulose; vinyl acetate; PVC; vinylpyrrolidone; vinylidene chloride; polyurethane

Product Description

Citroflex® Citric Acid Esters offer a broad range of benefits when used as plasticizers, solvent alternatives, lubricant additives and performance enhancers in aqueous and solvent-based polymer formulations. They are neither "Volatile Organic Compounds" (VOCs) nor "Hazardous Air Pollutants" (HAPs) and combine efficient plasticization of polymers with low toxicity, high flash points and rapid biodegradability.


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Citroflex® B-6 Citroflex® B-6 is a specially formulated citric acid ester for use in PVC medical articles such as tubing and intravenous bags where the content medium is aqueous-based. Citroflex® B-6 has low extractability into lipid media, making it particularly useful for blood products. It nearly duplicates the properties of di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate. SDS TDS
Citroflex® 2 Citroflex® 2 or C-2 is recommended as a plasticizer for cellulosic derivatives as well as natural resins such as dammar and ester gums. Due to its limited oil solubility, grease resistance of polymers formulated with Citroflex® 2 is enhanced. It also imparts improved light-fastness to lacquer formulations. In the personal care area, C-2 is used as a fixative for perfumes and as a plasticizer and film strengthening agent in hair sprays, nail polishes, and as an active in deodorants. Citroflex® 2 does not support fungal growth. SDS TDS
Citroflex® 4 Citroflex® 4 or C-4 is an excellent plasticizer for both cellulosic derivatives and vinyl resins. It provides improved light stability when used in cellulose acetate. It is also an excellent de-foaming agent in protein solutions. Citroflex® 4 does not support fungal growth. SDS TDS
Citroflex® A-2 Citroflex® A-2 is recommended for use with cellulosic derivatives. It offers low warping characteristics with cellulose acetate. It has been accepted for use as a plasticizer in food wrap films by the US Food & Drug Administration. Citroflex® A-2 is used as a fixative for perfumes and as a plasticizer and film strengthening agent in hair sprays, and nail polishes, as well as a component of various ink formulations. SDS TDS
Citroflex® A-4 Citroflex® A-4, also called Acetyltri-n-butyl Citrate, is widely used in children’s toys and food contact applications. It provides many improvements over di-butyl phthalate in cellulose nitrate films, including lower volatility, better resistance to yellowing, and better adhesion to metals. Citroflex® A-4 is effective in solution coating both paperboard and foil. It is an excellent plasticizer for vinyl toys. Citroflex® A-4 is also used as plasticizer for bio-plastics such as a poly lactic acid, cellulose acetate and poly hydroxyalkanoic acid. SDS TDS

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