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Jun 30 - Jul 2, 2022

MOLYKOTE® 101 Webinar - Greases and New HPM Spec



MOLYKOTE® 101 Webinar
Performance Greases & New HPM Specification

Greases are the workhorse of the lubrication industry, but how do you know you are using the right product? This webinar will help explain the differences between the variety of grease products available in the MOLYKOTE® Portfolio and what factors to consider when selecting a new solution.

After attending the webinar, you should be well equipped to know:

- What a grease is made of and how additives affect different performance attributes.
- How to select the right grease solution.
- The flagship MOLYKOTE® greases that can help solve most common customer difficulties
- What the new HPM (High-Performance Multiuse) Specification is and what it means.
Join us for this 101-style training on the MOLYKOTE® Portfolio of Performance Greases!
When:                       Wednesday, March 9th
Start Time:                1:00 pm (EST)
Webinar Length:      ~ 30 min with Q&A to follow

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