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Mitsubishi Chemical Group's Elvacite® acrylic resins are polymers or copolymers of methyl, ethyl, or butyl methacrylate monomers.  These resins have a wide range of molecular weights, functionalities, and flexibilities in use.  Thus, they are preferred in several applications, including coatings, paints, inks, and adhesives.  When used as a binder or co-binder in these systems, Elvacite® resins will provide excellent adhesion, transparency, gloss, and hardness.  Better weathering, abrasion, and chemical resistance can also be achieved.  


Use this selector guide to determine the appropriate acrylic resin for your application.  For example, if you are seeking a resin to use in a coating or paint formulation, select "Coating Application."  From there, select the specific type of coating and substrate material you are working with to get the recommended Elvacite® acrylic resin.  




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