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SilGrip™ Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Selector Guide

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Momentive’s SilGrip™ product line features high-performance pressure-sensitive adhesives, primers, and modifiers for tapes, labels, and assemblies that require maximum durability and resistance to chemicals, temperature extremes, and biological attacks. Several options provide high performance in applications requiring optimization for peel adhesion, shear strength, or tack. SilGrip™ adhesives bond well to low–surface energy films and fabrics, adding versatility to substrates and applications. Some examples of applications for SilGrip™ pressure-sensitive adhesives include tapes and labels for splicing, electrical insulation, thermal spray masking, heat sealing, industrial laminations, and noise, vibration, and harshness damping.

This selector guide may be used to find the right SilGrip™ pressure-sensitive adhesive for your specific application or desired properties.

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