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    3M™ is the leading supplier of sustainable fluorochemical cleaning solvents. They provide High-performance cleaning solutions that are safe for workers and the environment.
3M™ technology is based on current and future regulations from a trusted brand with a track record of acting responsibly and standing behind its products.

Novec™ fluids are:
  • Fast and provide effective residue-free cleaning performance 
  • Non-flammable and low in toxicity 
  • Non ozone-depleting and have low global warming potential
    MarketKey Product ApplicationsBenefits
    Electronic AssemblyCMOS Cleaning
    PCB Cleaning 
    Quartz Cleaning
    OLED Cleaning
    Flex circuits (roll to roll cleaning)
    Cleaning before coating application
    Improved cleaning vs. aqueous for high megapixel. 
    Low surface tension penetrates high density, low standoff height components. 
    Spot-free particle removal
    Medical Device (Cleaning and 
    Deposition Solvent)
    Silicone/fluoropolymer deposition (needles, catheters, staples, porous membranes)
    Orthopedic, dental and spinal implant cleaning
    Non-flammable , need fluorinated solvents to dissolve. 
    Low surface tension, shorter cycles times vs. aqueous, no bioburden and no bacteria growth
    AerospaceOxygen system cleaning (tubes&lines, gauges, valves)
    Hydraulic fluid removal (wheel well cleaning, cargo holds, wings)
    Existing specifications Residue-free cleaning. Non-flammable
    Existing specifications. Fast, effective removal of hydraulic fluid without removing CIC (corrosion-inhibiting compound
    Hard Disk Drive (HDD)HSA (head stack) Cleaning
    HGA and other HDD parts (including plastic parts)
    Acrylic compatibility
    Fast, effective cleaning, compatibility, safe and sustainable cleaning solvents
    Precision PartsCNC (swiss screw) machined precision parts
    Precision bearings
    Remove cutting oils / lubricants. Low surface tension of Novec fluids. 
    Low surface tension penetrates complex parts and blind holes, Water doesn’t work (can’t have rust) 


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