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Driveline Additives for Hybrid Vehicles

Afton Driveline Additives

Afton Chemical produces world-class additives for axle, transmission, and heavy-duty drivetrain fluids. As the world becomes more electrified, Afton continues to provide innovative solutions to meet the changing landscape.

Shift Towards Hybrid

Environmental concerns, technological advancements, and regulatory pressures are causing a significant shift to hybrid vehicles, marking a momentous change in the U.S. automotive landscape. Consumers are increasingly drawn to the benefits of hybrid cars, which combine conventional internal combustion engines with electric propulsion systems. Hybrid vehicles provide better fuel efficiency, lower operating costs, and improved carbon footprint compared to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. In summary, hybrid cars are a practical choice for consumers who want to transition to cleaner transportation alternatives.

As the popularity for hybrid vehicles grows, so will the need for suitable automotive lubricants. Automotive lubricants play a critical role in protecting components and ensuring vehicle longevity and performance. These lubricant formulations rely on additives that effectively enhance the performance of hybrid electric vehicles.

Performance Requirements for Hybrid Lubricants

Electrical Properties

In hybrid vehicles, transmission fluids are in contact with the electric motor. As such, electrical conductivity must be carefully controlled in driveline lubricants. High conductivity can result in short-circuiting and current leakages, while low conductivity can cause static-charge build-up. Driveline additives for hybrid applications must deliver balanced electric properties.

Thermal Properties

Driveline lubricants also serve an important function as coolants in hybrid electric vehicles. Electric motors and regenerative brake components require a thermal management system that can withstand sudden temperature changes and wide temperature ranges.

Material Compatibility

Hybrid electic vehicles have introduced new materials. Copper is widely used in next-generation vehicles because of its electrical conductivity and thermal properties. However, copper is susceptible to corrosion and newer driveline lubricants must be formulated to protect copper from corrosion and staining.

Torque Capacity

Hybrid electric vehicles produce large amounts of torque. Hybrid transmission fluids need to demonstrate high torque capacity to handle high loads at low speeds. This is made even more challenging by the requirement for ultra-low viscosity oils.

Ultra-Low Viscosity

Lower viscosity lubricants help improve fuel economy. In an overall push towards fewer emissions and better fuel economy, newer transmissions are requiring ultra-low viscosity fluid. However, thinner lubricants require additives with good anti-wear protection to keep the vehicle running.

Additive Solutions for Hybrids

Afton Chemical is a global leader in the manufacture of driveline additives. Their additives and additive packages for transmission and axle fluids are rigorously tested for use in a broad range of vehicles, including hybrid electric cars.

CVT Fluid Additive

HiTEC® 3435A performance additive package provides superior friction durability and exceptional extreme pressure and anti-wear performance for continuously variable transmission fluid formulation. HiTEC® 3435A is suitable for use in many hybrid electric vehicles that are equipped with push-belt and chain CVTs.

Low-Viscosity ATF Additive

Ultra-low viscosity ATFs are being adopted by newer hybrid transmission designs to help meet rigorous fuel economy standards. HiTEC® 34022 ATF additive delivers balanced componentry for superior fuel efficiency, wear protection, and electric performance, making it an ideal additive in ultra-low viscosity transmission fluid for hybrid applications.

Multifunctional Transmission Additive

HiTEC® 3488 is an innovative additive for the formulation of CVT and step automatic transmission fluid. HiTEC® 3488 simplifies supply chain logistics for the oil marketer, while also outperforming other transmission additives for wear protection, torque capacity, and anti-shudder performance. HiTEC® 3488 is suitable for use in hybrid applications.

e-Axle Fluid Additive                      

HiTEC® 35701 is the first fully formulated e-Axle additive for electric drivetrains. HiTEC® 35701 meets the new requirements of electric drivetrain designs, including electrical resistivity properties, outstanding frictional performance, copper corrosion protection, and wear protection.

Expertise in Driveline Formulation

Afton Chemical works closely with automotive OEMs to ensure their products meet today’s design requirements. Afton Chemical’s research and new product development team stays up-to-date with changing requirements so they can meet customer needs today and in the future. Contact us now to speak with a technical representative, and put our expertise to work for you.

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