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Afton - HiTEC® 8703 Off Road Additive Package

Optimize Fluid Performance - UTTO & THF

Tractor Hydraulic Fluids (THF) and Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) are subject to intense conditions and extreme loads.  Afton's HiTEC® 8703 makes formulating premium fluids easy and meets or exceeds dozens of manufacturer specifications.

Why Use HiTEC® 8703? 

HiTEC® 8703 provides a powerful lubricant additive with a variable treat rate to maximize your cost to treat ratio without sacrificing final fluid performance.  By using the HiTEC® Performance Additive you can impart premium wear protection, friction durability and deliver a cleaner operating fluid when compared to competitive additive technology. 

Universal Tractor Transmission Oil & Specifications

*Except motor grader rear axles

Off-Road Hydraulic Specifications

Manufacturer Specification Approval and HiTEC® 8703

There are dozens of OEM specifications in the world of UTTO and THF — Afton has made it easy to understand which specs have approved fluid performance levels by treat rate.  Whether at the low 3.8 wt% or medium 7.8 wt% treat rate you can ensure your final formula meets a wide range of OEM specifications to satisfy your customer's needs. 

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