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Grease Lightning

Simplify Your Process

Afton Chemical offers a variety of specialized multi-functional and component-based grease packages to help you simplify formulating and manufacturing. Whether you market economic or premium grade greases, Afton’s HiTEC® additives can help address your specific target market with ease.
Afton's multi-functional componentry packages offer several advantages to grease manufacturers, including: 
  • A simple, one-additive solution for easier formulation and fewer blending errors
  • Inventory Rationalization
  • Improved blending flexibility
  • Bulk savings versus drums

Afton also offers a large catalog of component-based additives to help address more specific grease requirements, and offer more formulating control over your products where desired. If you cannot find what you need below, please contact us for more information on the entire catalog.

                       Premium - Enhanced Performance Multi-Function Grease Componentry                       

     HiTEC® 587 is a premium grease formulating component engineered to provide robust extreme pressure and corrosion protection. HiTEC® 587 performs well in heavy salt water conditions and high-load carrying operations.  

HiTEC® 552H is a multifunctional ashless grease additive for formulating lubricants for extreme pressure and extreme temperature operations. HiTEC® 552H provides an easy-to-blend solution for improving grease thermal stability, and protecting against corrosion and oxidation.


                       Economy - Enhanced Performance Multi-Function Grease Componentry                       

     HiTEC® 552 is a multifunctional grease additive combining extreme pressure and anti-wear componentry with added antioxidant and rust inhibition. 

HiTEC® 350G is a multi-functional cost-effective grease additive that combines enhanced EP/AW performance with yellow metal and steel corrosion inhibition.



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