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AMICAL™ High-Performance Fungicide

Looking for a high-stability preservative and antimicrobial additive to prevent fungal and mold growth in your products?

Look no further; AMICAL™ preservatives are antimicrobial agents that offer excellent antifungal protection and exceptional stability in high-temperature formulations and end-use applications. AMICAL™ products are based on Diiodomethyl-p-tolyl sulfone, which provides excellent protection against fungi and mold in a variety of formulations.


AMICAL™ preservatives are available in powder and liquid forms, including AMICAL™ Flowable, which is formulated in a water-based dispersion to control fungal and mold growth in aqueous formulations. AMICAL™ Flowable does not require high shear mixing to get into the formulation.


  • Easy to formulate and available in 40% water-based dispersion and 95% technical grade
  • Mildewcide for long-lasting dry-film and in-can protection
  • Proven efficacy for mold-resistant building materials (wallboards and mineral wool)
  • High-temperature stability for extended drying or curing time (up to 210°C)
  • Low water solubility that promotes excellent retention in the paper fibers during papermaking (10 ppm @ 25°C, pH 7)
  • Good compatibility with naturally derived binders and phenolics
  • Stable over a wide pH range with improved stability in alkaline formulations
  • Favorable health and safety profile with low potential for sensitization
  • Low-VOC preservative (water-based dispersion, 1.01 g/l according to ASTMii 6886-12)
  • Broad regulatory compliance enables the international export of treated articles (US-EPA and EU-BPR)

AMICAL™ Applications:

AMICAL™ are EPA-registered preservatives and antimicrobial additives for use in adhesives, paper coatings, plastics, tanned leather, caulks, metalworking fluids, textiles, coatings, and wood preservation.





AMICAL™ Stability vs. Other Fungicides:

AMICAL™ EH&S Profile* vs. Other Fungicides:

Acute Toxicity
Chronic Toxicity

M-factors: Factors established to give increased weight to substances classified as Aquatic Acute 1 or Aquatic Chronic 1 when classifying mixtures for hazardous to aquatic environments.

* EH&S profile: Based on Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council on classification, labeling, and packaging of substances and mixtures (CLP Regulation). 

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