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Fragrance & Flavor Intermediates

EAA for Fragrances & Flavors 

Ethyl Acetoacetate (EAA) is a widely used intermediate chemical in the manufacture of fragrances and flavors. Arxada manufactures high-purity grades of EAA to ensure your products meet the highest quality standards. 

What Is EAA?  


EAA, short for ethyl acetoacetate, is a clear, colorless liquid with a fruity odor and slightly sweet taste. EAA is used an intermediate chemical and co-promoter to produce products across various industries, including fragrances and flavors. The chemical reactivity and pleasant smell and odor give EAA distinct advantages for the fragrance and flavor market. EAA can also be easily modified with various functional groups to create a range of aroma compounds. 

EAA As A Chemical Precursor 


EAA is able to undergo several chemical reactions, such as esterification, condensation, and substitution. These chemical reactions allow EAA to form a variety of aroma compounds, making the intermediate a critical component for fragrance and flavor synthesis. An important reaction involving EAA is the Claisen condensation, which produces B-dicarbonyl compounds. B-dicarbonyl compounds are fundamental building blocks for the synthesis of many aroma compounds.  

Flavor & Fragrance Synthesis 


Fragrances and flavors are complex blends of chemicals that evoke specific sensory experiences. Individual aroma chemicals are combined in precise proportions to achieve a desired taste or scent. EAA plays a vital role in flavor and fragrance synthesis as it acts as a precursor for a wide array of aroma compounds. 

During fragrance synthesis, EAA contributes to the final fruity, floral, and spicy scents. EAA is used to produce esters, which are necessary for fruity and floral fragrance notes. In addition, ketones and alcohols derived from EAA add depth and complexity to the fragrance profile. 

EAA and derivatives are also used during flavor synthesis, and contribute to the taste profile. Esters synthesized from EAA create fruity flavors like banana, strawberry, and apple. Additionally, the B-dicarbonyl compounds made from EAA are important for achieving buttery and caramel taste notes. 

About Arxada  


Arxada, formerly called Lonza, has been manufacturing specialty chemical intermediate solutions for over 120 years. Arxada Diketene Derivatives are acetoacetate derivatives used as acrylic modifiers, co-promoters, and intermediates in a variety of applications. Contact us today to learn more about EAA, or any of the other diketene derivatives. 

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