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AvailOm® Omega-3 For Pet Food

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: The Essential Addition to a Pet’s Diet

When it comes to our pets’ health, we would do anything to guarantee they thrive. Among the essential nutrients our furry friends need, omega-3 fatty acids stand out as a building block for excellent health. Incorporating AvailOm® omega-3 powder into a pet's diet can ensure optimal support of joint health, cognitive function, immune resilience, and coat luster so they can live their best life.

Why AvailOm® Omega-3 Fatty Acids?

Omega-3 fatty acids are a group of polyunsaturated fats that are crucial for various bodily functions in both humans and animals. Similar to humans, animals cannot naturally produce these fatty acids on their own, making it essential to include them in their diet to provide benefits that go beyond shiny coats and wagging tails. AvailOm® omega-3s are the highest-load omega-3 powders on the market, containing high levels of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These beneficial fatty acids are the building blocks for good general health, helping the body store energy, absorb vitamins, and control hormones.


How Can They Help?

These fatty acids provide a wide range of benefits by supporting normal physiologic function, cell membrane structure, and cell function. Adding omega-3s to a pet’s food can offer the following benefits.

Promote Joint Health

As our pets become more active or age naturally, they can benefit from the joint-supporting properties of omega-3s. Known for their ability to reduce inflammation and promote joint flexibility, fatty acids can alleviate joint pain and stiffness associated with conditions such as osteoarthritis, cancer, and autoimmune diseases, keeping pets agile and comfortable.

Improves Skin and Coat

Healthy skin and coat are not only aesthetically appealing but also a good indication of a pet's overall well-being. Omega-3s nourish the skin and coat from within, reducing inflammation that can cause dryness and flaking and promoting soft, shiny, itch-free fur. They can also help ease allergy symptoms that often cause irritation and hair loss, enhancing overall comfort.

Regulates the Immune System

Omega-3 fatty acids play a key role in regulating the immune response and balancing the body's inflammatory processes. These fatty acids may also help bolster the immune system by enhancing the activity of infection-fighting white blood cellsz to help fend off infections and illnesses, keeping pets resilient and healthy. Incorporating omega-3s into their diet can support their overall immune health and keep them thriving.

Improved Cognitive Function


Like humans, pets can experience cognitive decline as they age. Omega-3 fatty acids help to promote brain health, supporting cognitive function and memory retention. Specifically, DHA fatty acids play a crucial role in the development of the brain requiring the proper levels to be maintained. Keep your pets’ mental faculties support their overall immune health and keep them thriving.

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Adding omega-3 fatty acids into a playful pup’s, feline’s, or critter’s diet is a small yet crucial step to ensure a lifetime of health and happiness. Evonik’s AvailOm® omega-3 fatty acids are responsibly sourced omega-3 oils derived from algae and sustainable fishing. Available in 3 different options, these products offer numerous benefits to target an array of health areas and improve pets’ well-being.

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