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Born2Bond™ Retaining Compounds

Born2Bond™ Retaining Compounds

Born2Bond™ single-component anaerobic retaining compound adhesives take the hassle out of installation and assembly. These easy-to-use adhesives help reduce inventory and extend component lifetime. As liquid adhesives, they are simple to apply and fill all voids to protect and secure metal fittings. 

Why Use a Born2Bond™ Retaining Compound?

These quick-setting retaining compound anaerobic adhesives are a simple-to-use solution that provides a complete connection between cylindrical assemblies and additional protection from fretting corrosion. Bostik Born2Bond™ retaining compounds achieve 100% surface bonding and establish an incredibly durable connection that can withstand vibration and exposure to extreme temperatures and even exhibits chemical resistance.

Born2Bond™ Retaining Compounds are compatible for active and passive metals, allowing for an instant solution for any installation or assembly need. 



  • High Power Transmission
  • Resistant to Dynamic Loads
  • 100% Bonding Connection 
  • Vibration Resistant and Non-Loosening 
  • Fretting Corrosion Prevention 
  • Variety of Strengths and Viscosities 
  • Increased Reliability
  • Extends Component Lifespan
  • Enables More Precise, Compact Design
  • Ease of Application
  • Reduced Costs
  • Decreased Storage Requirements

Common Applications

Bostik Born2Bond™ Retaining Compound anaerobic adhesives come ready to use in several convenient package options. They can be used for bonding all types of cylindrical assemblies across a wide variety of common equipment types and multiple industries, including but not limited to the following.

Application & Equipment Types


  • Gear Manufacturing
  • Machine Engineering
  • Bearing Assembly
  • Drive Shafts & Conveyor Belts 
  • Centrifuges and Turbines
 The Born2Bond™ engineering adhesives are produced by Bostik, owned by the Arkema company. 

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