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    Bostik offers a diverse product portfolio to meet your anti-seize, anti-galling, and lubrication needs. By offering a wide variety of products, we are sure to provide for any and all applications. With ChemPoint carrying Never-Seez®, you will have a wide variety of chemistries to perfectly address your needs from a source you can trust.

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    Bostik Products

    Regular Grade - Never-Seez® Regular Grade is a superior, anti-seize and extreme pressure lubricant formulated to protect metal parts against rust, corrosion and seizure. Copper and graphite particles in a special grease protect parts even in high heat, high pressure and corrosive environments.

    Pure Nickel Special - Never-Seez® Pure Nickel Special is a superior, high temperature anti-seize and extreme pressure lubricant containing flake particles of pure nickel, graphite and other additives in a special grease carrier found to enhance anti-seize performance. 

    Pure Nickel Special, Nuclear Grade - Never-Seez® Pure Nickel Special, Nuclear Grade is specially tested and certified pure for use in nuclear power plants. Each production lot of Nuclear Grade Never-Seez is tested for contaminants of sulfur, halogens and low-melt metals and each container is labeled with the lot number that certifies purity.

    Mariner's Choice - Never-Seez® Mariner’s Choice is a heavy duty anti-seize and extreme pressure lubricant formulated to assure absolute parts protection against seizure, galling and corrosion in fresh and salt water environments. 

    Black Moly - Never-Seez® Black Moly lubricant is designed for industrial applications requiring non-destructive assembly and disassembly where combinations of high loads, high temperatures and low speeds are encountered to reduce friction during the assembly of press-fit components. 

    White Food Grade with PTFE - Never-Seez® White Food Grade with PTFE is a premium quality lubricant composed entirely of ingredients which meet FDA requirements where incidental food contact is possible. 


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