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Boost the Performance of Your Coatings with Capstone™ Fluorosurfactants


Capstone™ fluorosurfactants lead the way in technology designed to lower surface tension, imparting benefits such as improved cleanability, better substrate wetting, and improved water/ oil resistance. Fluorosurfactants provide the lowest surface energy of any easily incorporated additive while still being EPA compliant as a C6 fluorocarbon. Adding low concentrations (typically <0.1 wt%) of Capstone™ to solvent/waterborne coatings allows for improved wet out performance, for a smooth, high quality finish.

No Flourosurfactant

Floor finish without Capstone™ fluorosurfactant shows clearly visible orange peel and significant surface defects.

FS-60 Fluorosurfactant

Floor finish dosed with FS-60 at 75 ppm has drastically improved leveling and surface appearance of the floor finish on the vinyl tile.

Highlights of Capstone™ Flluorosurfactants


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