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Lubrication Efficiency for Electric Motors

Lubed-for-Life with Krytox™

As technologies advance, the motors that power this technology are becoming smaller, more complex and being tasked with higher loads and temperatures.  In order to make the most of an electric motor, its key to use a lubricant that provides cooling, wear & rust protection that is also long lasting.

Krytox™ AUT 2E45 - Superior Life Span - By the Numbers

It's undeniable that Krytox™ lubricants are unrivalved in terms of long lasting bearing performance.  The two graphs below depict the results of ASTM D3336 and for a Bench Test for Bearing Life agaisnt competitive greases and the results speak for themselves.  The proof is in the practice, if you're not convinced, get a sample today and see it for yourself.

Why is oxidation resistance important in a grease base oil?

It’s important for any grease or lubricant to avoid oxidation, especially those in environments where it’s difficult or impossible to re-lubricate.  This is especially important in industrial electric motor and fan motor systems where high temperatures can lead to fluid oxidation and deposit build up on bearing surfaces from cheaper fluids.  The build up of this gum or gunk can increase temperatures of the motor, impact efficiency and ultimately lead to the motor bearings stuttering, seizing or complete failure. Krytox™ AUT 2E45 grease delivers excellent non-oxidizing performance, coupled with added antiwear protection. 
The Krytox™ Performance Greases and Oils have unsurpassed oxidation resistance in the superior PFPE (perfluoropolyether) base oil.  The PFPE chemistry allows for long term exposure to extreme temperatures ranging between -44°C to 200°C without concern for degradation or deposit formation from fluid breakdown.    


What does “fill-for-life potential” mean with Krytox™?

Fill-for-Life Potential is the ability for a fluid or grease to be applied in a bearing or piece of machinery and have the fluid provide protection & lubrication for the lifespan of that equipment.  The benefit of “fill-for-life” allows for reduced or eliminated required maintenance, re-greasing, and re-lubrication cycles.  This saves money both in the cost of additional lubricants and in the labor & time required to replace a bearing or refill the system.  Switch to Krytox™ and experience the benefit of fill-for-life potential yourself.

What does corrosion resistance in my grease do for my motor?

Corrosion can be a costly problem, and in many cases can go unnoticed until it is too late to fix.  Rust, oxidation or corrosion occur when an iron or steel surface is exposed to moisture and oxygen to form an oxide deposit.  The oxide build-up deforms the metal surface and weakens the structure of the metal and over time this weakening takes a toll and can lead to fractures and bearing failure within the equipment. 

There are a few specific grades of Krytox™ Performance Greases and Oils that provide added corrosion resistance with highly engineered additive technology.  Better protect & lubricate your system from rust and corrosion in wet or damp environments.

What does chemical inertness mean in Krytox™ high performance greases?

Chemical or material compatiblity is a key factor in lubricant selection, and is particularly important complex industries that rely on a variety of electric motor driven equipment.  Krytox™ PFPE grease is completely non-reactive or chemically inert - meaning it will not form by-products or degrade from contact with substances within the environment like a conventional mineral oil grease.  This inertness allows Krytox™ grease to last considerably longer within a motor bearing while delivering unrivaled lubrication for metal-to-metal interfaces. 

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