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Krytox™ - Heavy Duty Automatic Clutch

Krytox™ Lubricants - Coming In Clutch

Heavy duty diesel trucks and large scale machinery provide incredible power and high torque for a large variety of transport and construction applications.  Automatic Heavy-Duty Clutch systems provide essential protection to gears and transmissions and help extend engine operational life.  Krytox™ Greases & Oils are the ideal choice for long-term and reliable lubrication for these clutch systems. 

Why Use Krytox™ Specialty Lubricants?

Krytox™ Specialty Greases & Oils are ideal solutions that provide incredibly long-lasting performance even in the most extreme environments and conditions.  Krytox™ lubricants provide unrivaled protection that delivers a lower overall maintenance cost and smaller environmental footprint for the modern automotive shopper.  Krytox™ can also withstand both extreme cold and hot operating environments, which is critical in the case of heavy-duty clutch operation. Learn More About Krytox™ for Automotive Bearings ►

Krytox™ for Heavy Duty Automatic Clutch

Engines and transmissions for heavy-duty trucks are engineered to deliver maximum power for a variety of hauling requirements.  These engines can generate incredibly torque and engine loads that without careful monitoring can rip an engine apart from the inside out.  In the case of automatic heavy-duty clutch systems, when an engine reaches its maximum rpm upper limit for that gear the automatic clutch disengages and prevents damage to the lower gear set.  This is a critical component that protects and vastly extends engine life.  If it’s not lubricated correctly, the clutch mechanism may fail to engage and lead to deep scarring, metal wear and potentially catastrophic engine failure.  

Krytox Solutions for Automotive Bearings

There are many options within the Krytox™ Lubricant portfolio, but the most common grades utilized in automotive bearing applications are listed for your convinience in the table below.

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