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Krytox™ Lubricants 101

There are countless available lubricants in the market, from conventional mineral based products to specialty synthetic solutions – it can be tough to know which lubricant works best for you.  Krytox™ Lubricants deliver best-in-class performance for the most difficult applications & environments where conventional lubricants do not deliver.

What is Krytox™?

Krytox™ Greases & Oils are fully fluorinated, synthetic performance lubricants. They were initially engineered for aerospace applications with demanding lubrication requirements where conventional lubricants just couldn't perform.  Over the decades Krytox™ lubricants have been adapted for and adopted into a myriad of different industrial and automotive applications for extended term protection. 

What is PFPE and Why Does it Matter?

The Krytox™ family of lubricants are known as perfluoropolyakylethers or PFPEs. These PFPEs are also commonly referred to as perfluoroalkylethers (PFAE), perfluoropolyalkylethers (PFPAE), or "liquid teflon".  The Krytox™ polymer chains are completely saturated and are composed entirely of fluorine, carbon and oxygen.  A typical Krytox™ oil contains 21% Carbon, 9% Oxygen and 69% fluorine by weight.
Krytox™ Performance Greases & Oils provide exceptional performance attributes that are inherent to the chemical structure of PFPE and make them ideal lubricant solutions for the most demanding and complex requirements.

PFPE-based Lubricant Benefits


Krytox™ Greases & Oils are 100% non-flammable.  They do not have a flash point or autoignition temperature and will not combust even when exposed directly to a source of flame, increasing the facility safety compared to traditional lubricants.

Completely Inert

Krytox™ Greases & Oils are entirely inert chemically and will not react with other chemicals, water, or other contaminants including chlorine & oxygen.  By-products or breakdown are not a concern for Krytox™ solutions.

Longer Lasting

Due to the stable structure of PFPE, Krytox™ Lubricants can operate at a high level without performance loss from oil evaporation, oxidation or breakdown.  In some instances, Krytox™ Lubricants can provide "lube-for-life" without the need for replenishment. 

Unrivaled Temperature Performance

PFPE-based greases and oils bring best-in-class thermal stability over a truly staggering temperature range.  In comparison to other lubricant technologies it's easy to see the benefit from this synthetic chemistry for the most demanding applications. 

Why Use a Krytox™ Lubricant?


By using a Krytox™ Oil or Grease you can significantly increase reliability of equipment where conventional lubricants breakdown and cause damage.  This provides your maintenance and operations manager peace-of-mind, knowing lubrication won’t be a root cause.    

Cost Savings

Krytox™ Greases and Oils last considerably longer in the field when compared to traditional mineral-oil based lubricants.  Leading to fewer relubrication cycles and a reduction in overall repair & maintenance costs when equipment breaks down from wear.

Less Maintenance 

Krytox™ Greases and Oils can extend planned maintenance cycles, leading to a reduction in required downtime to repair and refit equipment.  Reducing lost profit & costs incurred by keeping production running longer & spending more time on critical operations.

Krytox™ Performance Solutions

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