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Paint & Coatings Strippers

Paint Removal Made Simple With ChemPoint


ChemPoint offers a significant amount of products in the coatings removal and stripping applications. We can help you reformulate an existing product to match current EPA regulations or create a new product to add to your portfolio. Specifically for paint stripping, ChemPoint's team of experts can help you remove methylene chloride and NMP from your formulations while maintaining efficiacy in the final product.

Glycolic Acid

  • When used with peroxide and benzyl alcohol in an acidic formulation, glycolic acid offer quick stripping action across metal substrates.
  • Helps remove rust and carbon deposits from substrates in paint strippers. 
  • Low corrosivity, biodegradable, low flammability, free of chlorinated solvents, low toxicity.


  • SoyGold® provides quick stripping activity while avoiding hazardous components in traditional water and solvent strippers.
  • Provides quick stripping activity when mixed with glycol ethers and/or d'limonene and/or THFA.
  • Biodegradable, low VOC, compatible with other solvents, high HLB value.


Methocel™ 311

  • Methocel™ 311 is a high viscosity thickener used in paint stripper formulations.
  • Provides good rheology modification properties and with its reduced solvent evaporation rates, allows paint strippers to be applied to vertical surfaces and have longer contact time. 
  • Viscosity modifier, non-toxic, high organo-water solubility, lump-free dispersibility.

Viridisol T – Tetrahydrofurfuryl Alcohol

  • Bio-based, cost-effective solvent offering high solvency and low evaporations rates, making it well suited for paint stripper formulations. 
  • Penetrates oil based alkyd and latex paints, varnishes, lacquers, shellacs, enamels, polyurethane and epoxy coatings from wood or metal surfaces at room temperature.
  • Low odor, bio-based chemistry, readily biodegradable, EPA approved, flash point 73°C.

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