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    ChemPoint and Chevron Phillips have a proven, 10-year history of working together to bring a diverse, reliable selection of the highest quality materials to you and your business.

    Exclusive Channel To Market
    • Established manufacturer
    • Dependable, consistent quality
    • High purity options
    • Results you can depend on
    • Custom blend options available
    • Strategic stocking locations
    • Consistently high service levels
    • Multiple product solutions
    • Multiple industries served
    • Focused team and technical expertise
ChemPoint - Product ArticlesChemPoint - Product Articles

Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkylaromatics - Low odor, high purity hydrocarbons used in multiple industries including pharmaceutical, automotive and coatings

Diesel and Gasoline Reference Fuels - Wide variety of consistent diesel and gasoline standards for laboratory analysis

Sulfolane & Sulfolene - High flash point solvents used in refineries and cleaning solutions

Emission Certification Fuels - Diesel and Biodiesel fuel standards

Sulfides, Disulfides & Polysulfides - Concentrated sulfiding products used in lubricants, refining and agriculture

Soltrol® Isoparaffin Solvents - Highly versatile, low VOC Alkanes used as both a lubricant and a solvent


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