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Sell Back Your R22 - Upgrade Today

R22 Buyback Program

It's time to recharge your R-22 based refrigerant system again, and you may have noticed the rapidly depleting availabilty and equally shocking rise in price for additional R-22.  Due to govermental regulations, the use of R-22 is phasing out fast.  ComStar & ChemPoint are here to assist with the new R-22 buyback program.  

R-22 Buyback - How Does it Work? 

If you are in the market for a recharge or full flush of your performance refrigerant, don't break the bank with the increasingly expensive R-22.  Instead, make that legacy R-22 work for you!
ComStar will buy back R22 from your system assuming you meet the following requirements:
  • 1,000 lbs. minimum buyback volume 
  • 99.5% Purity (ComStar will provide laboratory analysis) 
  • Recovery Cylinders Provided Upon Request
ComStar will purchase this material back at a rate of $10.50 per lb. and will ship out recovery cylinders to assist in the process. 

I Sold Back My R22, Now What? 

ComStar has a full line of Low GWP performance refrigerants that allow for the simplest R-22 replacement possible. View the Full ComStar Portfolio Here ►

The performance refrigerants best suited to directly replace R-22 are ComStar RS-44b and RS-45.  These two low GWP refrigerants offer an easy and thorough replacement for R-22 in both standard and flooded applications. 
No large scale equipment change is required and both the RS-44b and the RS-45 are compatible with most common oils & lubricants.     

Want to Sell Your R-22?

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