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Ice Rinks - Next Generation Performance Refrigerants

Ice Rinks - Replacing R22

The United States EPA have restricted all import and new manufacturing of R22 refrigerants.  HCFC chemistries are dated and harmful to the environment.  ComStar has the next generation of eco-friendly refrigerants with significantly lower global warming impact with equivalent refrigeration performance.

Ice Rinks — Why ComStar?

Ice rinks around the country utilize flooded chillers to maintain temperature of the ice surface — depending on the size of the facility, these systems can exceed 10,000 lbs. worth of refrigerant. If that system is using R22, the necessary fluid replacement can be difficult and headache inducing.  ComStar has worked hard to provide an eco-conscious technology & a simplified conversion process to make this change over as easy as possible. 
  • The Only True Drop-in Replacement for R22 in Flooded Systems
  • Significantly Lower Global Warming Potential (GWP)
  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP)
  • Replacement Does Not Require Component or Oil Changes
  • Most Cost Effective & Easiest Conversion from R22 on the Market
To make the conversion even more advantageous, ComStar employs a R22-buyback program for a full system conversion to RS-45.  For more information on the buyback program, please call us today or use our chat system to connect instantly to a refrigerant specialist.  

Case Study - Brownstown, Michigan

When it comes to replacing R22 in established systems, the RS-45 is easy to use, competitively priced and provides a very quick turnaround.  In this case study, ComStar helped a multi-rink facility replace their direct liquid overfeed ice rink system and had skaters back on the ice within 36 hours.  The table here represents the measurements of the R22 system prior to conversion and the RS-45 values after the conversion. 
  R22 RS-45(R434a)
Suction Pressure 32 PSIG @80°F 40 PSIG @90°F
Discharge Pressure 210 PSIG @80°F 250-260 PSIG @90°F
Evaporation Refrigeration Temp 15°F 150°F
Oil Pressure Compressor 80 PSIG 80 PSIG
Oil Type Mineral Oil Mineral Oil

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