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PeraShine™ - Descaler & Sanitizer

Take Your CIP System To The Next Level With PeraShine™

Designed for a variety of food and beverage processing applications, PeraShine™ can help save time and expense by combining the acid rinse and sanitizing steps into one. Furthermore, when used to sanitize a clean in place (CIP) system, PeraShine™ can be controlled by conductivity, giving the operator greater flexibility in dosing the product, potentially contributing to better cost efficiency.

PeraShine™ brings you the broad spectrum microbiological sanitizing power of conventional peroxyacetic acid (PAA) sanitizers while saving you money through control by conductivity and its unique ability to mitigate mineral film build up. When using PeraShine™, there is no need for a separate acid rinse.

PeraShine™ is environmentally friendly and EPA approved, with no-rinse needed for food contact surfaces. It will not have any impact on the color, taste, and odor of food and beverage products. It is effective in a variety of applications and customer needs - one solution for all processing plant surfaces! 


  • Food contact surfaces 
  • Fruit and vegetable water treatment
  • Foam sanitizing
  • Agricultural, animal, & poultry systems
  • Process pipelines, tanks, evaporators, fillers, pasteurizers, aseptic equipment, & conveyors 
  • Bacteria control in recirculating and cooling water systems
  • Non-food surfaces
  • Non pesticide cleaning

In addition to it's dual action, there are no necessary safety controls in handling or storing of PeraShine™ - a huge advantage when comparing it to other CIP solutions. It is an efficient and safe alternative as it is not poisonous, does not cause any skin/eye irritation, and is easy to store.


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