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Diacid™ 1550: Metalworking Additive

As a well-established, global specialty chemicals manufacturer with a +100 year tradition of innovation, Ingevity has produced various materials used in lubrication sectors. Ingevity's innovative technologies provide unparalleled quality and performance to lubrication formulations. Ingevity’s Diacid™ 1550 makes formulating metalworking fluids easy and has been known globally as an effective co-emulsifier, corrosion inhibitor, wetting agent and lubricity additive in soluble oil and semi-synthetic formulations.

Why use Diacid™ 1550?

Diacid™ 1550 is a multifunctional long-chain dicarboxylic acid lubricant additive that can be used in various metalworking formulations. The formulation of Diacid™ 1550 is rooted in Ingevity’s legacy to manufacture products sourced from pure, renewable resources that are resistant to bioactivity while remaining biodegradable. As an effective multifunctional metalworking fluid additive, it provides co-emulsification, corrosion protection, wetting and lubricity to formulations. 

Emulsification Stabilization


Diacid™ 1550 is capable of quickly stabilizing an emulsion, bringing oil and water phases together seamlessly in various formulations. A tighter emulation contributes to both the lubricating benefits of oil and the cooling benefits of water, and extends the life of the metalworking fluid.

In addition to its low foaming abilities and high mixed-film boundary lubrication in both semi-synthetic and water-soluble formulations, its low molecular weight makes it easy to formulate with.

Corrosion Inhibition

Due to its dual acid functionality and affinity for metal surfaces, Diacid™ 1550 provides a protective barrier to a wide variety of metal alloys in order to inhibit corrosion and staining, and eliminate or reduce the need for an additional additive. 

When tested with a variety of different amines in an Al7075 stain test, Diacid™ 1550 showed consistent corrosion inhibition when compared with sebacic acid and a short chain diacid.

When tested in an ASTM D4627-87 cast chip test from a single semi-synthetic MWF formulation, Diacid™ 1550 showed significantly less corrosion than a competitive short chain diacid and other TOFA-based triacids. Different formulations may demonstrate different performance results.

Lubricity Improvement 

The long-chained dual acid of this metalworking additive provides additional lubricity to metalworking fluids which produces smoother and cleaner metal surfaces. An example of this is the use of Diacid ™ 1550 in aluminum forming applications. When compared to isosteric acid, Diacid™ 1550 was seen to produce smoother, rounder cans as well as act as a cleaner, leaving less residue after application.

Excellent Wetting Agent

Diacid™ 1550 is capable of quickly and effectively absorbing onto a variety of surfaces including ferrous, aluminum and copper metal surfaces, making it an effective wetting agent. This allows it to provide lubricity and inhibit corrosion by creating a protective layer on a wide range of metallurgies.

How to formulate with Diacid™ 1550?

Diacid™ 1550 is oil soluble and easy to formulate with when added into the oil phase of a semi-synthetic or soluble oil. The water-soluble components and bases can then be added to neutralize Diacid™ 1550, and effectively stabilize the emulsion. When neutralized with an appropriate base such as sodium or potassium hydroxide or an alkanolamine, a water-soluble salt is produced. The percentage of Diacid™ 1550 can be adjusted to optimize its benefits once its desired effects are seen. Foam production can be minimized by increasing the percentage of Diacid™ 1550 used and reducing the non-ionic emulsifier. Contact us to speak with an Ingevity representative and request formulation assistance.

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