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Is your glycol truly food grade?

Dowfrost® is the industry standard. Period.

DOWFROST is the standard inhbited propylene glycol for the food & beverage manufacturing industry.  DOWFROST uses the highest industry specified purity for propylene glycol of 99.8% or greater and is made from 100% food grade raw materials. 

Food Safe

  • HT1 approved by NSF International

  • GRAS Certified 

  • Approved for use within the Dairy Industry. 

Reduced Biofouling

  • Longer production times between maintenance cycles. 

  • Decreased equipment corrosion extending total operating life.

  • Decreased maintenance spend and downtime expenditure.  

Food & Bev Processes

  • Chilling dairy products

  • Fermentation cooling of wine & beer 

  • Freezing of meats, poultry & fish

  • Preparation of carbonated beverages & concentrated juices 

  • General purpose cold storage

Why ChemPoint?

  • Quick delivery from 9 warehouse locations.

  • Multiple dilution blends available for easy system fills. 

  • Online ordering & shipment tracking via MyChemPoint portal. 


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