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DOWFROST™ Tech Support On-Demand


DOWFROST™ inhibited propylene glycol has been the go-to industry standard thermal fluid for decades based on two simple facts: performance and service. The performance of the thermal fluid speaks for itself, but technical support and service can be overlooked, especially when comparing the price to homebrew glycol alternatives.

Testing and Support 

ChemPoint has been offering best-in-class service with the Dow heat transfer fluids for over a decade, with satisfied customers in industries from food and pharmaceutical manufacturing to industrial HVAC systems and everything in between.     

Inventory & Logistics

ChemPoint stocks Dow heat transfer fluids in nine warehouses in the United States, creating a two-day shipment service level across the lower 48 states. We have teams dedicated to analyzing forecasts and inventory, considering spiked demand and seasonality to provide just-in-time delivery for our valued customers. ChemPoint partners closely with Dow, receiving glycol concentrate in bulk and blending to precise dilutions for the packaged drums and totes available today.

Free Dow Test Kits

Dow Chemical offers free test kits to properly analyze the glycol concentration within the fluid system. It is vital that proper dilution of glycol to deionized water is maintained to provide an adequate level of corrosion inhibitors and extend the operational life of the heat transfer fluid. If a thermal fluid is not properly inhibited, it can quickly lead to runaway rust and corrosion deep within a system. In a worst-case scenario, it can lead to a failure in sealing, excessive leakage, and fluid volume loss.

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Industry Knowledge 

With multiple chemical engineers and technical experts on the ChemPoint thermal fluids team, we are prepared to answer any and all questions you may have regarding the thermal fluid solutions. Below is a more in-depth breakdown of the team members and their roles.

Senior Market Developer

Dan Cohen brings more than 12 years of Dow thermal fluids expertise and technical service development as the thermal fluids product owner at ChemPoint. Dan provides prompt and competitive quotations every day and welcomes all bid opportunities. He is a West Point graduate with a BS in chemical engineering, a former army captain, where he was awarded a Bronze Star Medal, and an Eagle Scout. When Dan is not working a twelve-hour day, he cares for his parents, who have Parkinson's. Dan brings an unrivaled level of professionalism and a desire to offer the truly best solution for your application; there is a reason he is known as DOWFROST™ Dan.

Product Manager

Ibrahim Unsal has nine years of experience working with Dow thermal fluids, first as an account manager within the plastics industry and currently as manager of the product portfolio. Ibrahim provides pricing, logistical, and supply chain support to Dan Cohen to ensure he has the resources he needs to provide unparalleled customer support and satisfaction. Ibrahim has a BS in chemical engineering from the University of Washington.

Industry Manager

Ryan Fix has 18 years of experience in the industrial maintenance space and is currently the industry manager for ChemPoint’s MRO team. Ryan works closely with Dow and our product manager Ibrahim Unsal to continually review ChemPoint’s product offering, supply chain, warehouses, and customer feedback to improve the customer experience. The work accomplished at the industry manager level provides tangible benefits to the customer in terms of pricing, availability, and newly available grades.

Customer Solutions Team

Our customer solutions team is dedicated to providing exceptional support for our thermal fluid customers. From processing orders efficiently and precisely to promptly addressing inquiries, we ensure a smooth experience and offer expert guidance by connecting customers with our subject matter experts for any specialized assistance they may need. The team communicates openly and honestly, fostering trust and transparency across every interaction and order of DOWFROST™ and all other products.

Senior Supply Chain Specialists

The supply chain team is responsible for scheduling, packaging, and fulfilling bulk and repackaged thermal fluids for our customers. By reviewing and scheduling new material requests, bulk tank replenishments, and blending orders with our partner facilities, our supply chain team helps prepare our warehouses for your future demand. Additionally, they support the extension of new packaging variants and expedite business-critical spikes in demand for seasonal and ad hoc applications.


These heat transfer fluid solutions from Dow Chemical provide engineered thermal control and corrosion protection for a wide range of open- and closed-loop systems. These glycol-based fluids are formulated from Dow's high-purity PuraGuard™ propylene glycol for unrivaled longevity coupled with proprietary industrial corrosion inhibitors to protect complex equipment and thermal control system

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