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UCON™ Formulated Fluids

UCON™ - Next Level Performance Fluids

Dow Chemical has delivered industry leading chemistry for more than a hundred years, their UCON™ Lubricants & Fluids continue this tradition in stride.  These polyaklyene glycol (PAG) based fluids provide exceptional lubrication, extended service life and outperform traditional mineral oil-based techologies. View the broad solutions portfolio below by application. 

Featured UCON™ Product Lines

UCON™ Formulated Lubricants 

The UCON™ and UCONALL™ Formulated Lubricants provide a wide range of lubricant solutions for gears in industrial machinery of all make and model.  These PAG-based lubricants are formulated for unrivaled extreme pressure stability, extended fluid & equipment life and provide cleaner operation when compared to traditional mineral oil based lubricants.  Protect & lubricate gears in critical process equipment — suitable for helical, herringbone, bevel, spiral bevel, spur and worm gear designs. 
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UCON™ Heat Transfer Fluids 

The UCON™ Thermal Fluids provide superior thermal characteristics compared to common petroleum oils of similar viscosity.  The UCON™ Heat Transfer Fluids present excellent thermal & oxidative stability with superior flash and fire points to cheaper fluids. These zero-PCB containing fluids run clean and when used properly, have minimal tendency to form sludge, carbonize or foul systems. 
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UCON™ Compressor Fluids 

The UCON™ Compressor Fluids provide ultimate in metal-on-metal protection for all compressor types (centrigufal, reciprocating, rotary-screw, sliding vane, and more).  UCON™ Compressor Fluids can be used in a wide range of chemical process steps including helium, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, natural gas, nitrogen, ethylene, stack gases, landfill gas & more.  The Compressor Lubricants provide excellent high temperature stability, excellent lubricity and resistance to varnish/sludge formation. 
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UCON™ Calendar & Mill Lubricants 

The UCON™ Calendar Lubricants are engineered specifically for large scale mills & calendars used in the textile, rubber, paper & plastics manufacturing industries.  These complex machines require equally complex lubricants to protect the large journal bearings, housings and equipment at very high temperatures (350°F). These UCON™ Calendar Lubricants offer flexibility without sacrificing performance in environments where traditional MO-lubricants break down.

Browse the Calendar Lubricants Portfolio Here ►

UCON™ Metalworking Fluids

The UCON™ Metalworking Coolants & Fluids provide flexible solutions as base lubrricants or as performance additives in metalworking fluid formulation.  These PAG-based products provide exceptional lubricity and thermal stability for water-based cutting & grinding metalworking coolants.  UCON™ Metalworking Fluids provide superior lubrication protection for both tool & workpiece surfaces. 
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UCON™ Hydraulic Fluids 

The UCON™ Hydraulic Fluids provide a broad range of lubricant solutions for a wide variety of industrial hydraulic systems.  These Group V Basestock-based fluids are available in Fire-Resistant, Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL), and a range of ISO grades. Dow Chemical has more than half a century worth of experience in delivering best-in-class lubricants for hydraulic systems.  
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UCON™ Solder Assist Fluids (SAF) 

The UCON™ Solder Assist Fluids (SAF) provide water-soluble solutions for a broad range of lubrication & cooling requirements in the electronics manufacturing industries.  The UCON™ SAF provides excellent thermal & oxidative stability required in printed cirbuit board manufacturing and assembling processes. These fluids are engineered to optimize solder leveling, blanketing, wave soldering intermix, infrared fusing & flux formulating operations. 
Browse the Solder Assist Fluids (SAF) Portfolio Here ►

UCON™ Textile Lubricants

The UCON™ Textile Lubricants provide premium lubrication & friction control with a stain-free finish.  The UCON™ Textile Lubricants are engineered to deliver performane for high-speed, high-temp fiber processes. The PAG-based technology exhibits incredibly high smoke points and desired low volatility.

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