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UCON Trident™ For Use In Shellfish And Oyster Beds

Environmentally Sound Hydraulic Fluid

UCON TRIDENT™ is a high performance hydraulic fluid, and allows for industrial application in sensitive environmental areas, and with excellent anti wear properties, water solubility, and fire resistance. UCON TRIDENT™ offers a high quality product, with environmentally friendly upside and doesn’t leave the sludge that other hydraulic fluids do. 

Don’t sacrifice the health of your shellfish and oysters with environmentally-harmful lubricants. UCON TRIDENT™ meets the stringent EPA requirements for non-toxicity and biodegradation that are required to be an Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant, allowing you to consistently purchase an environmentally friendly and versatile hydraulic lubricant that can be used year round without any risk to your stock. 

We want you to get good performance out of your machines, while looking after the environment, and keeping your shellfish safe.


A barge dock hydraulic crane belonging to the National Crane Corporation in Texas had chronic sheen issues, as well as slick forming, leading to environmental issues with hydraulic fluids leaking into the larger bodies of water. One of the cranes having this issues had the hydraulic fluid was replaced with UCON TRIDENT™ in a search to find a solution. 

After six years of surface the reports on UCON TRIDENT™ were extremely positive, and the National Crane Corporation converted a large portion of their cranes in the Seadrift Terminal in Southeast Texas to TRIDENT™. This is just one company that found out TRIDENT™ was perfect for their environmentally friendly and low maintenance needs.


Environment/ Shellfish Friendly

EPA spec approved Environmentally acceptable lubricant EAL
  • Non-toxic, non-bioaccumulative, and bio-degradable
  • Fits into regulations - Vessel general permit regulation
  • As environmentally responsible to your oysters and to the planet as you can be right now.
  • EPA “practically non-toxic” approved - SAFE

  • Will not hurt the shellfish that are your business if there’s a spill

  • All UCON TRIDENT™ = biodegradable via OECD 301F test

  • No environmental drawbacks to spillage, or any equipment problems resulting in lubricant spill

Easier Maintenance

Does Not Sheen                                                                      
  • Only non sheening product to pass EAL testing - product is heavier than water
  • Can clean up TRIDENT™ whenever you want instead of right away - efficient for consumer
    • PROOF: Case Study - National Crane Corporation - reducing sheen
Hydrolytic Stability
  • PAG formulas give lubrication and keep away corrosion even in some water (salt)
  • Equipment lasts longer - less depreciation

High Quality/ Versatile Product

Excellent Performance                                                                                             
  • Oxidatively stable - allows longer maintenance cycles and longer equipment life
  • Anti wear additives - Improve efficiency and prevents corrosion - even in salt
All-Season Service                                                                                            
  • High Viscosity index score and low pour point allow for UCON TRIDENT™ to be used all year long without causing problems.
    • VI Score = 204-217 vs leading competitor (90-109)
    • Pour Points = (-74F) - (-60F) vs leading competitor (-35F) - (0F)
  • Versatile product - can be bought year round
    • Allows for higher quantities to be bought, and more convenience for consumer



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