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Dow Heat Transfer Fluids

Budget Tightening Now Can Break The Bank Later

Daniel Cohen 
Market Developer - Dow Glycol Heat Transfer Fluids 

The Problem

This is the time of year when budgets seek final approval and anything unfunded may get passed over. Maintenance is often overlooked as non-essential, especially during periods of belt-tightening. There's a difference though between tightening the belt and just plain cutting-off circulation. We have recently seen an influx of requests for emergency shipments as unfunded maintenance budgets held together with just bubble gum and paperclips can no longer hold back the inevitable wear that equipment endures. Maintenance products, specifically heat transfer fluids, are critical for keeping the heart of a company running. A reduction in safety stock or delay in maintenance has a real cost associated with it, potentially compromising the structural integrity of the very machinery that keeps everyone employed. I urge you to look at your maintenance needs and make sure you are not cutting yourself short.

Why Dow Heat Transfer Fluids?

You get what you pay for — Dow thermal fluids exhibit better thermal stability than competitors, and as a result they last longer, plain and simple.  Dow thermal fluids produce minimal degradation products, meaning there are no extra expenses in cleaning byproducts or contaminants out of a system. Dow thermal fluids are made from virgin material in a completely back-integrated domestic supply chain, ensuring consistency of supply and product quality.  

Capital projects may be delayed, but even the day to day maintenance is a 'pay me now' or 'pay me more later' scenario.  The selection of home-brews during prior periods of budgetary strain may materialize in catastrophic failures at the worst possible times. The last thing you need is an unexpected shutdown, complete system drain, or a catastrophic failure. The selection of Dow thermal fluids and a little extra safety stock can ensure you save money when the total cost of ownership is considered. Call or email today for any questions that arise; we're here to help!

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