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MOLYKOTE® Anti-Friction Coatings 101

MOLYKOTE® AFCs Explained

For long-term lubrication & protection, the MOLYKOTE® Anti-Friction Coatings are powerful and versatile products for a broad range of applications. But what exactly are the MOLYKOTE® AFCs? And how and where should you use them?  Learn these answers and more with our 101-style article.

Anti-Friction Coatings Explained

Anyone who has fixed industrial equipment knows that lubrication is essential for proper operation. If wet lubricant solutions are not working for your equipment, then it's time to evaluate the Anti-friction Coatings from MOLYKOTE®. These dry-film lubricants simplify the maintenance process & extend operational life for variety of equipment & surface types.

What is an Anti-Friction Coating?

The anti-friction coatings from the MOLYKOTE® family bring a high-performance and versatile solution for the long-term lubrication. These solvent & water borne offerings contain a variety of solid lubricants & additives to reduce friction & protect metal, plastic & elastomer surfaces.

These products are uniformly applied to a surface and then cured to create a dry-film, paint-like coating.  This low friction coating offers a range of benefits but may or may not be the right choice depending on the requirements for a particular application. The table below helps break down the benefits & limitations that the MOLYKOTE® AFC family provide.



• Durable, dry-film lubrication
• Anti-wear & corrosion protection
• Resists dust & contamination
• Reduces NVH/BSR issues from stick-slip

• Extremely high speeds or rolling applications
• Does not provide hydrodynamic lubrication
• Maxiumum operating temperature limited by resin type

How do I use a MOLYKOTE® Anti-Friction Coating?

To ensure a uniform and durable coating application it is recommended to fully clean the surface through degreasing, sandblasting, phosphating, anodizing, acid washing, or alkaline detergent washing. Any of these methods are recommended to successfully prepare the surface for application.

Application Methods

The MOLYKOTE® AFC solutions are designed for maximum flexibility, are easily applied in a variety of methods and can be successfully used in a variety of processes including: Spraying, Brushing, Dip Spinning, Centrifuging, Screen Printing, Roll-Coating, and more.

Curing Stage

The final stage in the application process is the curing phase.  This allows the carrier solvent to evaporate off the surface, leaving behind a solid & uniform solid lubricants coating.  There are several ways to cure these coatings and will vary depending on the diluent, resin & chemical make-up of the specific MOLYKOTE® grade.

Where and Why Use an Anti-Friction Coating? 

These dry lubricant solutions from MOLYKOTE® provide several advantages over conventional lubrication.

Advantages of AFCs

Application / Market

  • Reduce Friction
  • Prevent Stick-Slip Occurence
  • Variety of Application Methods
  • Good Corrosion Protection
  • High Plastic Compatibility
  • Low Noise, Vibration & Harshness
  • Durable Wear Protection
  • Low Temperature Stability
  • General Industrial 
  • Manufacturing Equipment 
  • Aerospace & Aviation 
  • Oil & Gas Refining 
  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing
  • Agricultural & Construction
  • Exercise Equipment 
  • Home & Commercial Appliances

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