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Performance Assembly Lubricants - MOLYKOTE®

Component manufacturing and assembly are integral in a broad range of industries. It is important to ensure parts are assembled quickly, safely, and correctly; the proper assembly or run-in lubricant can make the difference between successful operation or broken-down or worn-out components. 

What is an Assembly Aid or Running-in Lubricant?

DuPont MOLYKOTE® assembly aids are performance oils, greases, pastes, and compounds specially engineered for use in the manufacturing process of parts and components.

Run-in, or running in, is the period of time it takes for wear rates and friction between lubricated contacts to reach a stable or steady state. This is similar to the period of time it takes to break in a new pair of shoes; mechanical components also have an initial phase of settling together.

Why Do you Need An Assembly Lubricant?


Reduced Force & Increased Production

DuPont MOLYKOTE® antifriction lubricants allow for faster and more efficient part fabrication. DuPont assembly aids significantly reduce the force and effort required for installation. Overall manufacturing times can also be reduced as it becomes easier to fit and assemble parts, resulting in increased production times.

Tighter Tolerances & Reduced Wear

DuPont MOLYKOTE® high-temperature lubricants also allow for much tighter tolerances in parts and assembly tools when lubrication characteristics and films are included in the initial design process. The use of DuPont MOLYKOTE® results in more efficient designs and reduces wasted metals, elastomers, and plastics in the manufacturing process. Assembled parts also receive extended-term integrity and increased reliability from reduced abrasive surface damage and wear. 

Long Term-Lubrication & Run-in

Lastly, DuPont MOLYKOTE® antifriction lubricants help improve overall product performance after fabrication. The proper lubricant will not migrate or lose protective performance properties, helping ensure the assembled parts fit as designed and are aligned for long-term operation.

DuPont's team has years of proven experience in installation and assembly processes. The DuPont lubricant portfolio has been customized to provide excellent and reliable solutions to protect assembly tools and equipment and ensure operation longevity.
Some of the most common run-in lubricant applications include bearings, joints, gears, and gearboxes. The list below covers some application specifications and the best DuPont product that will work for the process. For questions on your specific assembly tools or application, please reach out to us today!

Rolling Element Bearings

Threaded Connections & Maintenance 

Press Fit Joints

Gears & Gearboxes

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