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MOLYKOTE® - Pharma & Medical Manufacturing

Molykote® Specialty Lubricants provide the most complete line of lubrication products for the pharmaceutical industry. DuPont's line of products includes mineral oils, synthetic fluids, greases, pastes, antifriction coatings, and dispersions.


Lubricating oils can be either mineral based or synthetic. Unfortunately, many cannot provide both the support needed to keep systems running and the safety for specific applications within the medical industry. However, MOLYKOTE® high-performance lubricants are specially formulated to help reduce friction and wear, extending lubrication intervals and limiting maintenance costs. This is especially true for applications where performance requirements exceed the capabilities of conventional lubricants and greases. Other types of lubricants and oils can fall short when it comes to providing reliable and long-lasting benefits.

DuPont's lubricant formulation processes are created through a combination of innovative technology and high-quality standards that guarantee apparent results from the first use. DuPont industrial lubricants also provide a long-term manufacturing solution for industries with high regulatory standards and challenging environments. These premium antifriction solutions are highly compatible with most medical materials, making them the ideal high-purity performance solution.

Lubrication in Equipment for Manufacturing:
Oral Solids, Oral Liquids, Soft gels

DuPont MOLYKOTE® Greases

MOLYKOTE® greases provide definitive solutions for many applications in the medical manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. Lubrication is needed in processes with chains or moving components in the production line, and the recommended type is not always classified for use in the food or pharmaceutical industries. Luckily, DuPont's line of pharmaceutical lubricants can help reduce friction and prevent corrosion, extending system viability. Below is a list of application types that can benefit from proper and dependable lubrication coating. 
Preparation Tanks Vacuum Pumps Formers Drying Trains
Pumps & Inspection Bands Blistering Machines Review Bands Tabletting Machines
Discs Sealers Fillers Drums

Common MOLYKOTE® grease grades are listed here for your convenience. 

DuPont MOLYKOTE® Pastes

Most applications in the drug manufacturing and pharmaceutical industry can also benefit from using DuPont MOLYKOTE® pastes. The special formulation is ideal for the most common pharmaceutical system types highlighted below.
Preparation Tanks Vacuum Pumps Formers Drying Trains
Pumps & Inspection Bands Blister Packaging Filming Assemblies
High Temperature Requirements Anti-Corrosion Requirements Counters  

DuPont MOLYKOTE® Dispersions

DuPont's formulation of lubricant dispersions also provides a range of performance solutions for most applications within the medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries. A few of the most common applications where these dispersions perform well are listed below.
Silicone Lubricants Release Agents Drums Review Bands
Sealers Fillers Preparation Tanks Vacuum Pumps
Formers  Drying Trains Blister Packaging  Counters


Pharmaceutical plants require reliable industrial maintenance with materials that meet critical industry regulations for efficient drug and pharmaceutical formulation, manufacturing, and operation. Unplanned maintenance and system failures can be costly but also easily avoided with DuPont high-quality lubricants. These lubricants fight corrosion, resist water washing, provide stability under high and low temperatures, and prevent friction damage.

DuPont's specialty formulation technology provides smart lubrication to meet specific industrial operation standards in pharmaceutical drug manufacturing equipment.

Lubrication in Equipment for Manufacturing:
Oral Solids, Oral Liquids


Many other applications within the pharmaceutical and drug manufacturing industries can greatly benefit from the use of DuPont antifriction lubrication oils. A few common applications where MOLYKOTE® oil lubricant formulations can be beneficial are listed below.
Hydraulic Systems Compressor Systems Chain Drives Gears
Drums Pumps Bands Pumps and Inspection Bands

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