MOLYKOTE® Lubricants for Pulp & Paper

The increased demand in the pulp & paper manufacturing is putting additional stress on equipment near or at capacity.  Without the proper lubrication, this increase seen in production pressures can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  Learn how the MOLYKOTE® Performance Lubricants can extend equipment life & improve plant efficiency.

Proper Protection Prevents Poor Performance

As in any industry, downtime within pulp & paper manufacturing brings production to a screeching halt and is the bane of any operations manager.  With equipment running at near constant capacity, it is critical to monitor key failure points and ensure the proper lubricant is being used to protect high stress components.     
The MOLYKOTE® team understands the unique challenges in pulp and paper processing equipment and have developed a broad portfolio of general purpose & specialty lubricants, greases and compounds to help meet lubricant demands and keep your facility pushing paper at peak performance.

Why Use MOLYKOTE® for Paper Manufacturing?


Extended Equipment Life & Increased Production

The right lubricant decreases surface damage, wear, and can reduce the force required for proper movement & operation.  Keeping expensive machinery running smoothly leads to longer & maximized production cycles while also reducing overall capital costs required in repair from failure.

Reduced Downtime & Wear

Paper demand is skyrocketing – in order to keep up with consumers, facilities are pushing equipment to the max.  Even a few minutes of downtime can have a detrimental impact in lost value & missed quotas.  By using the proper, formulated lubricant you can reduce the frequency of preventative maintenance (PM) cycles and keep equipment running longer.

Long Term-Lubrication & Run-in

By reducing frictional forces for equipment, the required energy to run & operate machinery can be significantly decreased.  This optimization in efficiency can help facilities meet overall sustainability goals & reduction in overall spend.

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