MOLYKOTE® for RV & Trailer Slide-outs

Next Level Slide-Out Lubrication

It may not be included on most camping check lists, but proper lubrication is critical to avoid mechanical failure in today’s recreational vehicles and camper vans.  Learn how the MOLYKOTE® Anti-Friction Coatings improve slide-out lubrication and protect your RV for the long haul.

RV Slide-Outs - Compact Luxury Space

The market for RVs and camper vans is skyrocketing and is expected to grow to nearly $50 billion by 20261. Consumers today are excited to get out and experience a “new” way to travel and expect to have a heightened level of luxury in today’s RV models.

One of the easiest ways to provide that luxury feel is by increasing the square footage of their roaming abode through slide-out mechanisms. These ingenious extensions add between 1 to 3 feet in width, drastically increasing the indoor accommodations and comfort. However, if the slide-outs aren’t properly maintained and lubricated, they can quickly become the bane of any RV owner.

Slide-Out Lubrication Challenges

There are several issues that an RV owner may experience with their slide-out system if not properly lubricated and maintained. Including, but not limited to:

& Bending

Tracks and Guides can become dislodged or knocked out of alignment, leading to added stress on the system or permanent deformation.
& Jamming
Metal components can experience stick-slip or stuttering on extension or in a worse case scenario can become stuck or jammed.

& Abrasion

Improper lubricant usage can attract dust/dirt absorption leading to excessive wear, pitting and other damage or loud grinding. 

Burnout & 

Seal Damage

Major consequences to improper lubrication are premature damage or failure of electric motors/drive systems and potential tearing or weakening of weather seals.  Either of these can quicky become incredibly expensive repairs and could result in possible water damage, rusting, or mold concerns, otherwise known as RV cancer.

Why Use MOLYKOTE® for Slide-Out Lubrication?

MOLYKOTE® has long been the go-to solution for long-term dry lubrication. The next evolution of lubrication is here, the Anti-Friction Coating (AFC) portfolio provides exceptional protective performance without the common difficulties faced by wet-lubrication.
These highly engineered products create a dark gray coating on a variety of substrates that seals and protects metal components from wear and damage under heavy loads. These coatings also provide incredible operation regardless of high or low temperature extremes (-200°C to 450°C). So whether you’re driving in the Sahara Desert or on the surface of Mars you can rest easy knowing your slide-out will work without issue!

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