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New MOLYKOTE® Family of PAO Greases

Announcement - New PAO Greases

The MOLYKOTE® team is excited to announce a new addition to their performance lubricant portfolio – three new Polyalphaolefin (PAO) based greases for versatile, long-term protection of plastic-on-plastic and plastic-on-metal interfaces. Learn more below.

Plastic Lubrication Upgraded

When it comes to manufacturing industrial and consumer goods it’s critical to ensure high-quality & long-lasting operation to keep customers happy. The new MOLYKOTE® PAO-based greases help maximize reliability, durability & extend performance in a range of applications. These performance greases help provide a premium-feel consumer experience without the sting of a premium cost.

Why Use a New MOLYKOTE® PAO Grease?

The new product family provides a range of performance benefits in a wide range of lubrication requirements. 
  • Control & Reduce Friction 

  • Dampen Noise, Vibration & Harshness

  • Plastic-on-Plastic and Plastic-on-Metal Surfaces

  • Extended Durability & Reliability

  • Resists Water Washout and Migration

  • Prevents Surface Corrosion 

  • Low Bleed for Enhanced Cleanliness 

  • Transparent Appearance in Application 

  • Broad Temperature Stability (-50°C to 150°C)

Where can I use these new MOLYKOTE® Greases

The new additions to the MOLYKOTE® grease portfolio can be used in a wide variety of applications and manufactured consumer goods.  The versatility and robust lubrication & protection provided bring a high-level of performance that is demanded in the top shelf "premium-feel" products in today's economy.  A brief guide to typical applications is listed below for reference: 
Molykote-New-PAO-App-1-175.png   MOLYKOTE® G-1033      Learn More ►
  Sliding Components (Slides, Glides & Rails)
  (Medical/Exercise Equipment & High-End Furniture)
  Plastic Lubrication 
  (Glass-fiber-Reinforced Plastic and Steel)
Molykote-New-PAO-App-2-175.png   MOLYKOTE® G-1041      Learn More ►
  Mechanical Components 
  (Gears, Actuators, and Bearings)
  Plastic Lubrication 
  (Glass-fiber-Reinforced Plastic and Steel)
Molykote-New-PAO-App-3-175.png   MOLYKOTE® G-1057      Learn More ►
  Premium Haptic Control Components
  (Knobs, Buttons, Levers, Switches)
  Clean Lubrication 
  (Minimizing Staining & Avoiding Discoloration)
  Plastic & Steel Lubrication

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