All antioxidants are not equal.

For more stable biodiesel, turn to a more powerful solution.
  • Prolong the shelf life of your biodiesel
  • Revitalize oxidized fuel
  • Free stability testing to help producers get the most out of their biodiesel
As a renewable source of energy, biodiesel is a promising alternative that helps corporations and individuals alike move toward greater sustainability. However, because it's derived from vegetable oils and animal fats, biodiesel can start to oxidize as soon as it's produced. Oxidation leads to the formation of solids and deposits that clog filters, damages equipment, and renders biodiesel ineffective. And, in the end, ineffective biodiesel can adversely affect your reputation and sales.
The unique combination of 30% MTBHQ, a very powerful antioxidant, with an effective chelating agent, significantly boosts the antioxidative power to effectively inhibit the rapid oxidation of biodiesel.
Unlike other antioxidants, only small quantities are required to achieve targeted stability levels, and provide effective and durable protection. This ready-to-use solution allows easy miscibility in a variety of raw materials: soy, rapeseed, sunflower, palm, and a wide variety of other sources.
Try Eastman BioExtend™ 30 to revitalize oxidized biofuel and Eastman BioExtend™ 30 HP if you need AGQM no-harm certification.