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Eastman™ n-Butyric Anhydride for Bee Removal

What is n-Butyric Anhydride?

n-Butyric Anhydride from Eastman™ is a high-purity liquid that hydrolyzes to butyric acid. The sharp butter odor is a result of its reaction with moisture in the air. Also known as Butanoic Anhydride, it finds use as a food flavor and fragrance intermediate.

n-Butryic Anhydride in Honey Harvesting

n-Butryic Anhydride is an effective fumigant and repellant to drive bees out of honey supers.  Just a few drops on a fume board will drive the bees downward long enough extract the supers for easier honey harvesting, about 3 to 5 minutes.  It’s best used on hotter days between 75° to 100°F.  Even though the smell repels the bees and is not pleasant to us humans either, the odor does not stay in the supers or the honey.

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