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    Free Flowing Acrylic Resin

    Elvacite® 4345 is a high molecular weight n-butyl methacrylate polymer with anti-blocking properties. Elvacite® 4345 is useful in adhesives for smooth plastic films and aluminum, and in silk screen inks. It will plasticize and improve adhesion of harder butyl grades (Elvacite® 2045 and 2046) and nitrocellulose. Elvacite® 4345 can also be used to improve the outdoor durability of vinyl chloride resins in pigmented lacquers.

Features and Benefits

  • Free flowing acrylic beads with no blocking
  • Low viscosity
  • Excellent stability
  • High Flexibility
    Property Values
    Appearance Solid bead
    Glass Transition Temp, onset 20°C
    Molecular Weight (Mw) 211,000

Mitsubishi Chemical  has delivered high-performing acrylic products for over 25 years. Committed to product development and superior performance, Elvacite® resins are tailored to meet the changing needs of the coatings, inks and adhesives industries.


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