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Dowcal Heat Transfer Fluid for Market & Food Applications

Dowcal for Market & Food Applications

Dowcal heat transfer fluid is used by several companies in the food industry for chilling and freezing food and beverage products. The applications for this inhibited glycol heat transfer fluids are immersion freezing, cooling liquid foods and fermentation cooling. At the same time, it is also used to defrost equipment and dehumidify facilities with certain applications such as refrigeration coil defrosting and humidity control in meat packing operations.

Application and Advantages of Dowcal for Food Applications

Dowcal heat transfer fluids offer several advantages as a heat transfer fluid solution for food industry applications. Dowcal glycol fluids have shown their ability to upgrade process efficiency, extend equipment life, and improve overall economy while contributing to greater system cleanliness and safety.

Dowcal heat transfer fluid are the preference to the majority of companies due to the fact they are not considered flammable, are odorless and colorless, they combat corrosion in heat transfer systems, have a low toxicity similar to glycerin and provide a good heat transfer ability and freeze protection with low volatility.

Other technologies are deprived in comparison to Dowcal heat transfer fluids when the goal is to freeze/chill food and beverage products and defrost/dehumidify equipment and facilities.

Plain Water: Effective only at temperature above 1 °C, therefore, it is not suitable for warm water and freezing application, not to mention the fact that it is not an optimal choice due to its corrosivity.
Uninhibited glycols: They are not suitable for freezing and defrosting applications because glycols oxidize in the presence of air which leads to corrosion.

Alcohol: It is flammable and volatile.

Hot air/gas, electric and air-dry coil defrosting: Expensive to operate and consumer a good amount of energy, interrupt production and warm cold storage areas.

Dowcal N & Dowcal 100 advantages for Food Applications

Dowcal N and Dowcal 100 offers specific advantages in the food industry such as low oral toxicity of Dowcal N, virtual absence of fluid odor or taste, low corrosivity, easy fluid analysis and rehibition, fast freezing performance, dependable temperature control, low flammability, no autoignition hazard, easy regeneration and reconcentration and easy  system maintenance and operation.

Chilling and Freezing Applications

  • ​Cooling liquid Food

Dowcal N is used for cooling liquid food is used extensively by breweries, wineries, dairies, and fruit processors to cool liquid food during processing, restaurant bars and vending machines. The usage in beverage processing provides dependable temperature control and lower temperature capabilities than water when 30% to 45% of the solution is circulated through cooling coils.
  • Fermentation cooling

Also used by breweries and wineries to cool fermentation and wort tanks, Dowcal N is chilled in a primary refrigeration unit and then circulated through coils submerged in- or wrapped around the tank. Considering that heat transfer fluid can have an accidental contact with beverage, the fluid is low in odor, toxicity and tasteless. Also, Dowcal N does not affect the foaming of fermenting properties of beer or wine, noticing that the low temperature capability permits recovery of CO2 generated while fermenting, which is used later in the bottling process.
  • Immersion freezing of wrapped foods

Used for immersion freezing by processors of wrapped meat, poultry, fish, seafood, vegetables, and fruit. Dowcal N provides faster freezing of foods than air or plate freezing, so production rates are increased, also the speed it freezes reduces surface bacteria counts which improves shelf life from products.
In an immersion freezing process, food is tightly wrapped and sealed in airand water-tight bags. Secondly, it is immersed in a freezing bath at 11°C of 40-to-50 percent DOWCAL™ N fluid in solution with water.
  • Packaging carbonated beverages

Before carbonated beverage are bottled, they are chilled to prevent loss of carbonation. In champagne production, inverted bottles of aged champagne are dipped in a chilled bath of DOWCAL™ N fluid, freezing the contents in the neck of the bottle. This traps sediment for removal. Consistent product chilling is achieved because system equipment is easy to operate and fluids are easy to maintain and adjust.
  • Plastic bottle blow molding

To blow mold plastic bottles, packaging companies need to cool their molds. Dowcal N is the optimal solution because fluids remain liquid at lower temperatures than plain water, they cool moulds faster, increasing production.
  • Ice making

Dowcal N is also a great solution for Ice production so water can be frozen quickly.


Defrosting and Dehumidifying applications

  • ​Refrigeration Coil Defrosting

In walk-in freezer and chiller units, freezing tunnels, and basket freezer units, moisture from the air can condense on refrigeration coils and a layer of frost can develop. As this frost builds up, compressor motors work harder to maintain proper temperatures and cooling efficiency suffers. To remove condensation from coils and prevent frost formation, cold 35-to-50 percent solutions of DOWCAL™ N fluid, or 40- to-50 percent solutions of DOWCAL 100 fluid, are sprayed directly on the coil surfaces. This spraying may be continuous or, “as needed.” The glycols mix with condensation from the coils, lowering the freeze point of the water to prevent frost formation.

Because they contain special corrosion inhibitors, DOWCAL™ N and DOWCAL™ 100 fluids minimize coil corrosion. They are also easy to regenerate and reconcentrate, and production need not be interrupted for defrosting procedures to take place. Defrosting systems using DOWCAL™ N and DOWCAL™ 100 fluids are easy to operate and maintain.
  • Humidity Control

To maintain a constant relative humidity in work and storage areas, meat packers, producers of sausage and processed meats, and slaughterhouses spray DOWCAL™ N fluid through the air that flows over plant refrigeration coils. The sprayed glycol picks up moisture from the air, and filters dust and other particles. High humidity supports growth of mould and bacteria that cannot be tolerated in these operations. Since DOWCAL™ N and DOWCAL™ 100 fluids are easily reconcentrated, they are very economical in humidity control applications.

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