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Casting Solutions for BEVs

BONDERITE® BEV Process Solutions

The automotive industry’s drive towards greater electrification has had a profound impact on materials and production. Automotive manufacturers and component suppliers require efficient, cost-effective process solutions to manufacture high-performing, quality parts for battery electric vehicles (BEVs). Henkel supplies a wide range of BONDERITE® products that are used in the process of manufacturing BEVs and ensure start-to-finish success. Used upstream during manufacturing, BONDERITE® effectively and sustainably helps produce high-quality parts, while also enabling downstream processes like welding, bonding, and painting. You can learn more about Henkel’s BEV process solutions here.

Casting BEV Bodies & Components

Weight is a critical challenge for battery electric vehicles. BEVs typically weigh 30% more than traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. Manufacturers want lighter materials to reduce vehicle weight and improve battery range. BEV body and component manufacturers also need to meet the growing demand for BEV parts.

Fortunately, aluminum giga casting solves both dilemmas. The giga casting process allows for the use of aluminum, which is significantly lighter than steel, and reduces the parts needed in front and rear castings, thereby reducing processing steps and the number of robots.

Henkel has specially formulated casting lubricants for aluminum giga casting. Casting lubricants are important in the manufacture of giga-casted body parts. Casting lubricants help deliver efficient production processes and high-quality body components, and allow for downstream processes like painting and plating. BONDERITE® lubricants for aluminum giga casting have high wetting properties, reduce friction between metal surfaces, and promote a uniform fill of the die cavity. Henkel’s wax-free formulation also helps prevent excess lubricant deposits in the die, which can cause dimensional inaccuracies and surface quality problems. In addition, the wax-free lubricant reduces nozzle and filter blockages to decrease cleaning downtime. BONDERITE® casting lubricants are best optimized when applied using a micro-spray, which minimizes product usage, reduces wastewater, and improves overall sustainability.

Casting Battery Packs

Battery packs are large in both size and weight, and are approximately 20% of the total cost and weight of the battery system. Safety and performance are also of the utmost importance. Battery packs must be stable while the vehicle is being operated. Therefore, manufacturers rely on best-in-class materials and processes for the housing and structure.

Die casting lubricants for battery pack production are formulated to perform under challenging conditions. These lubricants should improve the casting process without adversely impacting the battery pack by leaving excess deposits or causing deformation and dimensional inaccuracies. Henkel BONDERITE® die casting lubricants are engineered to help maintain die temperatures, promote metal flow, and prevent build-up in the die. In aluminum battery pack casting, BONDERITE® die casting lubricants demonstrate superior performance by maintaining surface adhesion at high temperatures and reducing lubricant application time.
Many factors should be considered when choosing a casting lubricant, including the application, metal substrate, temperature, pre- and post-treatment steps, and more. Contact us today to speak with a technical specialist about a product recommendation.

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