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Keep It Clean With BONDERITE®

Keep your work pieces clean and protected from corrosion by using Henkel’s BONDERITE® C-NE line of specialty cleaners. 
BONDERITE® process cleaners are designed to provide cleaning and in-process corrosion protection in one package. They are designed for use in single and two stage spray washers, immersion, vibratory and ultrasonic cleaning applications to remove machining and grinding soils.

The BONDERITE® C-NE line of cleaners are uniquely designed with alkalinity, corrosion inhibitors and detergents that provide a robust cleaning solution for today’s stringent cleanliness requirements.

Product Benefits

  • Cleaning and corrosion protection in one package                         
  • Wide operating temperatures
  • Flexibility in cleaning applications with one product       
  • Oil rejection for solution longevity


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