Bonderite® - Reliable & Sustainable

The cost of tooling is 10x the cost of the actual fluid, so it’s important to choose the right fluid. Bonderite® L-MR cutting fluids have been designed with high lubricity, bio-resistance and detergency all without the need for costly tank-side additives.

Bonderite® L-MR cutting fluids provide:

  • High lubricity to improve tool life and provide versality for most machining and grinding applications.
  • Bio-resistant technology which eliminates the need for tank-side additives and Monday morning odors.
  • Detergency to maintain cleanliness of the machine and workpiece.
  • Excellent tramp oil rejection for easy removal and increase solution longevity.
  • Reduce overall process cost by eliminating costly tank-side additives, reducing scrap, improving tool and extending solution life.

Can be used on aluminum, cast iron, steel alloys, and non-ferrous metals.

Applications: Cylindrical grinding, drilling, milling, broaching, thread-cutting, thread-milling and turning


These tests measure lubricity characteristics against competitive products to gauge performance. One benefit that becomes clear during testing is BONDERITE® L-MR cutting fluid‘s detergency. Results shown below. 

BONDERITE® B Series Bath

Competitor A Bath

BONDERITE® B Series Machine

Competitor A Machine


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