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BONDERITE® Cutting Fluids

Metal Removal - Clean & Easy

The cost of tooling is 10X the cost of the actual fluid, so it’s important to choose the right fluid and maximize your spend where it counts - production. BONDERITE® L-MR cutting fluids are fully formulated to provide excellent lubrication, bio-resistance and detergency, and eliminate the need for costly tank-side additives. The BONDERITE® L-MR cutting fluids product line has lubrication solutions for a wide range of machining operations, including cylindrical grinding, drilling, milling, broaching, thread-cutting, thread-milling and turning. In addition, the BONDERITE® L-MR cutting fluids product line can be used on a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals including steel, carbon steel, cast iron and aluminum. These metalworking fluids are available as cutting oils aka straight oils, and in water-based forms including soluble oils aka emulsifiable oils, semi-synthetic fluids, and synthetic fluids for better cooling performance. 

Why Use BONDERITE® Cutting Fluids?

  • High lubricity to lubricate and protect the work piece, prevent tool wear, and improve tool life
  • Bio-resistant technology which eliminates the need for tank-side biocides and prevents Monday morning odors
  • Detergency to maintain cleanliness of the machine and workpiece
  • Cooling of the tool and workpiece to extend tool life and keep the metal part thermally stable
  • Excellent tramp oil rejection for easy removal and to increase lubricant longevity
  • Reduce overall process cost by eliminating costly tank-side additives, reducing scrap, improving tool life and extending solution life
  • Grades available for use on various metal substrates (aluminum, cast iron, steel alloys, and non-ferrous metal)

BONDERITE® Cutting Fluids Portfolio

Below are some of Henkel's core high performance cutting oils and water-soluble cutting fluids. Click here to browse all BONDERITE® cutting fluids.

Machine Tools: Keep It Clean

Along with cooling down the tool, Henkel BONDERITE® coolants are formulated with a high level of detergency so that the fluid keeps the cutting tool, workpiece, magazine, and arbor clean. The continuous cleaning action these fluids provide prevents residue build-up that can result in performance problems and blind machine windows. The photos below were taken after running Falex Pin & Vee and tap-torque testing on the BONDERITE® L-MR fluids against a competitive lubricant. These tests measure lubrication characteristics against competitive products to gauge performance. One benefit that becomes clear during testing is the BONDERITE® L-MR cutting fluid‘s detergency resulting in a much cleaner bath and machine. Learn more about the case study here.

BONDERITE® B Series Bath

Competitor A Bath

BONDERITE® B Series Machine

Competitor A Machine

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