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BONDERITE® Machining Coolants 101

Performance Machining Fluids

Metal manufacturing is an enormous and varied industry - requiring specialty lubricants to maximize production and protect workpieces, machine tools and optimize safety in the shop itself.  Henkel strives to provide best-in-class performance for all of these factors in the Bonderite® Metalworking Lubricant portfolio.  Dive deeper into the pros and cons of metalworking coolant types and feel more confident in selecting the ideal solution for your operation.  

What are Machining Coolants? 

Machining coolants are specially engineered lubricants that provide protection for workpieces and machine tools by controlling friction, reducing extreme temperatures, protecting from corrosion & rust, and physically removing metal chips & flakes.

Control Friction

Reduce Temperature

Remove Metal Chips

Prevent Corrosion

Types of Machining Coolants 

There are four main types of metalworking fluids – Straight Oil, Soluble Oil, Semi-Synthetic and Synthetic Fluids. Each of the metalworking coolant types provide their own specific benefits and disadvantages for use and it’s important to understand which type of fluid is right for your machining operation. 

Pros & Cons of Machining Coolant Types 

Metalworking Operations & Fluid Performance

Not all metalworking fluids are created equal - in fact if you choose the wrong lubricant for your operation, you could be wasting money on scrap, replenishment and disposal costs. The pros and cons of the each fluid type may lend themselves to improved performance depending on the machining operation being performed. For a starter recommendation, the table below gives a high level comparison from Ok to Best by machining operation.

BONDERITE® Metalworking Solutions


This portfolio of performance metal removal fluids are formulated with bio resistance in mind.  Microbial growth can become a real problem in water-based systems leading to obnoxious odors, residues and pumping issues.  the L-MR B series provides excellent extreme pressure performance and lubricity for a range of light to heavy duty applications.  Learn More Here ►


The L-MR CR Series of the BONDERITE® metal working fluids delivers premium performance for a wide range of machining operatioins for ferous and non-ferrous alloys.  These lubricants exhibit durable performance for light to heavy duty applications. Learn More Here ► 

BONDERITE® L-MR Synthetic Series

The BONDERITE® L-MR Series of synthetic lubricants provide a full portfolio of coolant types for machining, grinding, roll forming and more for ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.  Learn More Here ►

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