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    Protection & Piece of Mind

    Keep your work pieces clean and protected from corrosion by using Henkel’s Bonderite® Rust Preventative line of specialty coatings. These in-process and post-process rust preventatives are engineered to provide various levels of short, medium & long term corrosion protection. 

Why Use a Rust Preventative?

Corrosion is the ever-present enemy of manufactured or raw metal in storage. Preventing surface oxidation and rust is critical in ensuring consistent metalworking and protecting finished workpieces. Henkel has a full portfolio of rust preventative solutions including water-based, solvent based, and soluble/straight oil-based formulations.
There are a few factors to consider when selecting the right rust preventative product, including substrate type, application method & length of storage (short/extended term)
    Short Term ProtectionExtended Protection
    Applied toward end of process,
    Lasts up to 2 months in proper storage
    Applied at, or near end of process, 
    Lasts 6 months or longer in proper storage 

BONDERITE® Solutions


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