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Henkel BONDERITE® Tire Lubricants

Automotive tire assembly operations rely on quality tire lubricants for fast and easy tire mounts. Henkel’s BONDERITE® S-OT tire mounting lubricants are synthetic, water-based lubricants that demonstrate short drying times and remain stable during heat cycling, making BONDERITE® the preferred tire lube over traditional tire soaps. 

What is the Purpose of a Tire Lubricant?


Tire mounting lubricants serve several purposes. These include preventing improper bead seating and damage to the tire beads, allowing for an easier and more efficient tire mount, and providing corrosion protection to the rim. 

It’s important to choose the right lubricant for your tire mount. Using the wrong tire mounting lubricant can cause damage to the tires or rims. The wrong tire lube can also cause rim slip after mounting, a leading cause of vibrations during driving and rider discomfort. Things to consider when choosing a tire mounting lubricant include material compatibility, ease of use, the base material of the lubricant, temperature specifications, odor and toxicity, and whether the lubricant is formulated with anti-corrosion additives. Petroleum-based lubricants are often not recommended because they will attack and cause tire wear, and solvent-based lubricants have flammability concerns. 


BONDERITE® S-OT 44 Tire Mounting Lubricant


BONDERITE® S-OT 44 is Henkel’s premier tire mounting lubricant to ensure your tire assembly is running as efficiently as possible. BONDERITE® S-OT 44 is a synthetic, odorless liquid material that is particularly well suited as a lubricant in manual and automatic tire mounting operations. BONDERITE® S-OT 44 is approved and widely used by major automakers and tire companies. It comes ready-to-use and can be applied manually via brushing or swabbing, or can be used in an automatic spray system for production line work. BONDERITE® S-OT 44 is available in pails, drums and totes. Contact us today for a quote! 

  • Odorless, water-based formula for worker safety 

  • Safe-for-use on all tires 

  • Formulated with anti-corrosion properties to prevent wheel corrosion 

  • Excellent thermal stability during heat cycling 
  • ​Passes NTSB test requirements for tire slippage on rims
  • Approved by major OEMs 

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