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Antimicrobials for Plastic

Plastics & Textiles

Plastic and textile products are widely susceptible to bacterial, fungal, and algal growth, especially in high moisture environments. This microbial growth can compromise plastics and textiles, ruining their appearance, function, and performance. Microbes can also make us sick and affect human health. Janssen PMP manufactures antimicrobials approved for plastic and textile applications to improve human health and hygiene, and extend product shelf life to reduce waste and improve sustainability. 

Zinc PYRION™ Antimicrobial

Zinc PYRION™ from Janssen PMP is a cost-effective, broad-spectrum antimicrobial that is approved for use in a wide range of plastics and textile applications. Zinc PYRION™, or more commonly known by its chemical name zinc pyrithione, has the following benefits: 

  • Broad-spectrum activity against bacteria, fungi, yeast, and algae 

  • Can be incorporated in a broad range of polymers 

  • Protects the functional and aesthetic properties of plastic and textile products 

  • Stable up to 480°F/250°C for high heat polymer processing 

  • Available in powder form for easy handling and processing 

  • Low water solubility for longer retention 


Zinc PYRION™ can be incorporated into a wide selection of polymers, including LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, BOPP, PS, PUR, PVC, and ABS. The recommended treat rates typically range from 250 ppm to 4000 ppm, but can vary depending on the application. 


Antimicrobial additives are facing greater scrutiny in the plastics industry because of COVID-19 and wider awareness around food safety and good hygiene. Many antimicrobial additives have been phased out or limited in plastics applications where there is food or human contact. Janssen PMP recognizes the need for safe, affordable, and hygienic antimicrobials in plastic. Zinc PYRION™ is a cost-effective antimicrobial that improves health and hygiene for plastic products. Zinc PYRION™ antimicrobials stop fungi from discoloring, staining, and destroying plastic, and prevents the growth of bacteria and algae on plastic surfaces. Zinc PYRION™ is also compatible with most polymers and co-formulants, and is stable at high temperatures during polymer processing. Add value to your plastic products by incorporating a durable and effective preservative like Zinc PYRION™.  

Examples of approved plastic applications for Zinc PYRION™ include: 

  • Carpet backings and foam underlay     
  • Rubber and rubber backed bath mats 

  • Foam stuffing for cushions and mattresses 

  • Wire and cable insulation 

  • Vinyl, linoleum, and synthetic floor coverings 

  • Plastic furniture 

  • Rubber floor composite 

  • Athletic flooring and mats 

  • Mattress liners 

  • Weather stripping 

  • Non-surgical rubber gloves 

  • Tents 

  • Boat covers 

  • Awnings 

  • Tarpaulins 

  • Garbage bags 

  • Refuse containers 

  • Bathtub appliques 

  • Garden hose 

  • Non-potable water pipes 

  • Ductwork 

  • Air filters and air filtration components and media 

  • Shower curtains 

  • Household sponges 

  • Toilet brush receptacles 

  • Toothbrush receptacles 

  • Non-medical scrub brushes 

  • Sink mats and drain boards 

  • Storage containers 

  • Soap dish holders 

  • Food contact surfaces including food processing equipment, conveyor belts, utensils, and storage containers