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    ECONEA® For Marine Applications

    ECONEA® provides excellent protection against unwanted growth of both micro- and macro- organisms on hulls of marine vessels and structures.  Barnacles, hydroids, bivalve mollusks and tube worms are all forms of fouling organisms commonly found on surfaces exposed to seawater.

ECONEA® is a highly effective anti fouling agent for the control growth of these hard fouling marine organisms. It protects any underwater surface of boat hulls and static marine structures in an environmentally safe manner.  ECONEA® is approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for both dry-film preservation and marine anti fouling applications.

Benefits Of ECONEA®

    Benefit of ECONEA®Value in Coating
    Low Leech RateLonger Lasting Coating & Microbial Protection 
    Alternative to Copper BiocideReduced Cost Volatility & Environmental Impact 
    Lower Treat Rate Greater Overall Savings In Lower Cost to Treat 
    Excellent Color RetentionGreater Final Coating Consistency 

Coated Panel Raft Marine Exposure Test

Fouling test results from 72 weeks static panel exposure in Tuticorin Bay, S.E. India

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