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    ECONEA® For Marine Coatings

    ECONEA® from Janssen PMP is a marine antifouling agent that provides excellent, broad spectrum protection against unwanted growth of both hard-shelled and soft-bodied organisms on hulls of marine vessels, marine structures, and nets.  Barnacles, hydroids, bivalve mollusks and tube worms are all forms of fouling organisms commonly found on surfaces exposed to seawater.

ECONEA® is also the first copper-free antifouling agent for marine paints. An organic agent based on tralopyril, ECONEA® is 10X more active than copper and a more environmentally-safe solution. ECONEA® is approved by the EU BPR and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for both dry-film preservation and marine antifouling applications. When used in combination with Zinc Pyrion™ antimicrobial, ECONEA®-based paints demonstrate a broad spectrum of activity. 

Why is ECONEA® a Better Alternative to Copper? 


Lower Treat Rate - ECONEA® is 10X more effective than copper, and can be used at a much lower treat rate in paint formulations to reduce cost

Low Leach Rate - ECONEA® is chemically and physically stable, and has low leachability and water solubility for longer dry-docking intervals

Excellent Color Retention - ECONEA®-based paints can be made in a broader range of colors

Smoother Paint - ECONEA®-based paints can be made smoother than copper-based paints

Better Ecological Footprint - many regulatory bodies are banning copper-based marine paints due to environmental and health hazards

Marine Applications for ECONEA®


    Marine & Yacht Antifouling Paint

    Marine antifouling paints significantly improve a vessel's fuel efficiency and sustainability. A fouled hull can increase fuel consumption by up to 40% and potentially harm aquatic ecosystems by introducing invasive marine species. Lower greenhouse gases and protect biodiversity with ECONEA®-based marine antifouling paint.

    Aquaculture Netting

    Fish farming requires clean and oxygen-rich water for healthy-growing fish. ECONEA®-based antifouling coatings prevent blockages from forming on the nets for active water exchange. ECONEA® also prevents the spread of fish parasites and pathogens, such as sea lice which like to stick to fish netting and spread disease. Nets impregnated with an antifouling coating can also be used longer, reducing costs and maintenance. 

Coated Panel Raft Marine Exposure Test

Fouling test results from 72 weeks static panel exposure in Tuticorin Bay, S.E. India

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